Section 1.  The Brunswick Chapter of the National Honor Society will sponsor at least one service project each year in which members are expected to take part.  These projects shall have the following characteristics:  Fulfill a need within the school or community; have the support of the administration and the faculty; be appropriate and educationally defensible; be well-planned, organized and executed.

Section 2. Each member will have the responsibility for choosing and participating in an individual service project the reflects his or her individual talents and/or interests.  They are expected to have a leadership role in this project. This is in addition to the chapter project[s] to which all members contribute.

Section 3. Each member is expected to be in attendance and participate in at least two fundraising events during the course of the year.

Section 4.  The chapter will publicize its activities.

Section 5.  The completion of required service projects necessary to maintain membership in this chapter can be counted toward the completion of the community service requirements of Brunswick High School.

Section 6.  The Brunswick Chapter of the National Honor Society has a number of standing committees (such as the Induction Committee and the Fundraising Committee) as well as ad hoc committees established during each academic year.  All members of the chapter are expected to serve as members of at least one committee.