Brunswick Junior High School Disclaimer
Information-Technology Skills Site

This evolving website was developed by the Brunswick Junior High School Media Team to assist educators and students in further developing their information-technology skills. Due to the nature of “information-technology” as constantly changing, users are invited to submit suggestions for inclusion on this site.

The site contains four sections which are listed and identified by title below. Each section is further identified by art work produced by former students of Brunswick Junior High School. This art work is the result of a competition in which students were asked to submit designs to represent “information-technology”. Permission was grated to use this art work on this site, but no permission exists to copy or use these logos elsewhere.

District Issues: Programs and Policies pertaining to the Brunswick School Department.

Electronic Research: Includes the use of terms, project preparation, search strategy development, electronic searching, content evaluation, plagiarism, copyright, and citation requirements.

Hardware: Includes terms and skills associated with various audio-visual hardware including computers.

Software: Includes basic skills and coverage of the Brunswick School District and MLTI Laptop Program software.

The skills included in the above sections were obtained from personal knowledge, research, and the collection and analysis of data obtained from surveys administered to district staff and students. These skills are also very consistent with the information-technology benchmarks identified by Brunswick School Department District Technology Committee Members.  The listed skills are intentionally broad in scope, ranging from simple to complex, in order to accommodate a wide range of ability levels.

Although any person is welcome to use this site, it is specifically intended for educational purposes, directed at a specific audience and developed with the intent of meeting an identified need.  The information contained within is not intended to dictate, but rather to help students and teachers become knowledgeable, efficient, and effective users and researchers while working in electronic environments.

Content and Liability:

Apart from the identified skills, this website contains links to many other websites. At the time of posting, all sites had been evaluated for content value and relevance, authority, ease of navigation, currency, and accuracy by the compilers. Where required, permission to link was obtained from the appropriate sources before posting. Although every effort has been made by the compilers to ensure the usefulness of the information and compliance with all laws, the nature of the Internet and the sites it contains is such that it is constantly changing. It is therefore expected that users of this site are aware of this changing nature, and that they as users, are responsible for determining the accuracy, reliability, authority, currency, and usefulness of any sites accessed via our site.

Furthermore, it is expected that all users of this site respect the user requirements (including copyright, link permissions, etc.) of each site accessed.  In the case of teachers and students within the Brunswick School System, it is also expected that our teachers and students comply with the applicable Brunswick School District Computer Policies, Procedures and Regulations when using this site and other sites accessed via this site. Given these requirements and understandings, the compilers take no responsibility for, and will assume no liability for, the suitability of sites accessed, advertising, content, accuracy, currency, and legalities associated with this site as well as other sites accessed via this site.


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