Welcome to my site!!

My purpose is to update you with techniques and information regarding RTI at the high school. I hope to gather resources from the  expertise of other teachers, literacy sites and RTI updates.

I am thrilled to be working as a RTI teacher. A little bit about me: I have  been a special education teacher for the past 30 years, I am certified in both special education and regular education. In addition, I also have an endorsement as a Literacy Specialist and as a consulting teacher. I have been in the district for 25 years. As much as I enjoyed special education, I knew I was ready for a change.  I am so fortunate to have this position at BHS and continue to see my former students.

The pro’s of RTI is that  I am able to brainstorm with other teachers to “problem-solve” how to remediate the student’s weaknesses.  It may simply be to provide supplemental practice for a specific skill or it may be to provide a more intense program more frequently.  With the progress monitoring assessment, we are  able to determine if the student is making progress. The data targets where the student may be struggling  and provides resources to support the specific skill in need of further instruction.

I especially like how the problem solving team collaboratively makes the decisions about the student rather than solely relying on one person. This has been a positive change for me. I enjoy working as a team with other teachers and brainstorming ways to help students become successful and proficient in literacy. 🙂

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