Clay Selfies

Clay Selfies are a representational self portrait made on a clay tile. Here are some examples.





The first part of this assignment involves learning to take a really good selfie. You will use the RULE OF THIRDS to create an interesting portrait.

Slide Show Rule of Thirds

Here are some examples of portraits that use the rule of thirds





Graded Assignments:
Photography: #1 Take a series of 8-10 “selfies” using the Rule of Thirds and 2 or 3 that do not use the rule. (Classwork Grade)
#2 Select One photography to print. Get approval on size and composition prior to printing. Draw the contour lines that you will use on your tile in thick sharpie. (Classwork Grade)

Color Scheme Practice: worksheet on color schemes (Classwork grade)

Interactive Color Wheel

Clay Tile Selfie: You will complete 2 clay tiles from the same image. One will have a artistic color choice using one of the color schemes from the worksheet. The other will either be realistic or your choice of color scheme. (Project Grade)