Art and Music (8th)


Non-Representational Art

Meaning is understood in nonrepresentational art as a pure expression by the artist of emotion or subjective experience.

Nonrepresentational work refers to art that does not attempt to represent or reference reality.

    • In the late 19th century, artists began to move toward increasing abstraction as a means of communicating subjective experience more personally and creatively.
    • Artists such as Kandinsky and Mondrian viewed art as an expression of spirituality.


  • nonrepresentationalNot intended to represent a physical object in reality.
  • expressionism A movement in the arts in which the artist does not depict objective reality, but rather a subjective expression of inner experience.


Composition 5 by Wassily Kandinsky


Broadway Boogie Woogie By Piet Mondrian

Here is the link to experiment with Non-representational painting: Bomomo

Here are some pieces of music that you can use for your artwork that is inspired by music:

Cee lo Green/ Daryl Hall I can’t go for that

Happy Pharrell Williams

Sun in the Night by Brand X

Lady Smith Black Mambazo

Crazy Train by Ozzy

Eclipse by Pink Floyd

The Force Awakens/ Star Wars

Waltz of Snowflakes

Beethovens 5th Symphony