Internet links that I hope will inspire you to explore, create, learn, think, and have fun.

The Importance of Art Education and Science with Neil DeGrasse and David Byrne

Brain Neurons and the Importance of Connections

Science Podcasts for Kids

  • Brains On
  • Tumble Stories of science discovery — how science works, the bumps along the way to knowledge, and how we come to know what we know.
  • The Show About Science Hosted by a five year old who interviews adults about science.

Robots Presentation by Tasha McCauley– Her presentation offers a down to earth real-life perspective of how robots, especially telepresence robots, can and will empower people.  I appreciate her description of the collegiality and sense of community that is required, as well as inspiring, when tackling robotics.  This is relevant in all aspects of life.  –Dihedral Effect (angle attached to fixed position) as it relates to flying paper planes

Make a better paper plane video Tips on how to make improvements on our paper plane.  Notice that this scientist mentions the Dihedral Angle as an important element in flying paper planes. Printable color paper airplane templates, “how to” video instructions and links to other paper airplanes sites. Take a peek at The Blue Angels Video Clip.  How To Make 50 Cool and Amazing Paper Airplanes Several different paper airplane designs, some with video directions, and explanations for better aerodynamics when flying your planes. 

What makes a paper airplane fly?  More paper airplane designs to print and fold.  This site includes a video of how to fold each plane.  Virtual world of Whyville with a focus on creative thinking  
 J. Paul Getty Museum Kids Page Have fun matching games and puzzles of art masterpieces owned by the museum.  
 Metropolitan Museum of Art Interactive Sing-A-Long Familiar tunes and famous art combine for sing-a-long fun. Use the interactive tools to create splatter and line art inspired by artist Jackson Pollock. Abstract features combine to create graphic art inspired by artist Picasso. Long-time favorite way to create graphic art using a variety of drawing and painting tools.  Museum of Web Art interactive site Artist tool kit  to practice creating graphic art Follow the arrows to various interactive activities and viewing time. Play a detective as you solve Grandpa’s Painting.  Follow the clues to solve the mystery.  Explore this site for a variety of games, ways to create and share, and videos to view. This site is supports family fun and creative thinking.   The creative thinking challenges are presented with a variety of visual clues and word problems.. The site  allows participants to post their answers to the various challenges.  Reading these answers adds insight into the creative thinking process. Check back often because the challenges change almost every week.  Museum of Modern Art-Art Safari, practice visual thinking skills as you explore this site Tate Museums, United Kingdom- website offers many opportunities for learning and playing for both adults and kids, but the site is a bit confusing.  It is worth the effort to spend some time on the site and learn how to get to your favorite activities     National Gallery of Art-create graphic art inspired by the museum collection. Practice your keyboard and mouse skills.     Smithsonian Institution-interactives that teach adults and kids about science, history, mathematics and art and how these categories are interrelated.  I think the areas intended for adults and kids are interchangeable and interesting for all ages.  Denver Art Museum-great site where students learn of different cultures and art projects inspired by the individual cultures  Great exercise in following directions and cause and effect mouse clicking