Archive Individual Emails as “.eml” Files

These files can be opened using Outlook or Apple Mail and may provide easier searches and access to single messages. Messages are not deleted from the Outlook server until the last step.

Create an Archive Folder On Your Computer

  1. Go to the Finder and open a new window.
  2. Choose a folder for your archive to reside, such as within Documents or Downloads.
  3. Go to “File”, then click on “New Folder”
  4. Give the folder any name such as “Archive” or “Old Emails”.
  5. Open this folder in a new window. Keep it visible for the next step.

Copy Individual Outlook Emails

  1. Choose the Outlook folder with emails to archive.
  2. Select emails in that folder. You can “shift-click” or “command-click” to select multiple emails.
  3. Drag these email(s) to the archive folder you created in the Finder.
  4. Verify your emails have been copied into the archive folder.

Delete emails from Outlook.

  1. Select the emails you wish to remove. “Shift-click” or “command-click” to select multiple emails.
  2. Go to the top menu bar of the Outlook screen, click “Edit”, then “Delete”.

Empty your deleted items folder

  1. Click once to select the Outlook folder named “Deleted Items”. It has a trash can icon.
  2. Click once on a message in the list of Deleted Items to select it. “Shift-click” or “command-click” to select multiple emails.
  3. Go to “Edit”, then “Delete” at the top of the screen.
  4. Confirm that you want to “Permanently delete” these items.

After this step, folders are available only from the archive on your computer or by an archive extraction process performed at the downtown tech office.