Web History Checks

Web Browser History

All web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), keep track of user internet activity.

Storing certain information locally in a “cache” file, your computer combines this information with updated data that is downloaded as needed. This helps web pages load much faster compared with downloading website data for each viewing.

History logs also provide a way to revisit web pages from earlier in the day, yesterday, or months ago.

On your personal computer, you have the option to delete an entire history log or individual history entries.

Students, however, do not have this option when using Google Chrome. Students cannot delete their entire history or any individual entries. History logs typically go back to September.

This provides a way for parents, teachers, and administration to follow up on questions of behavior and digital citizenship.

Grade 7 students have access to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, while grade 8 students use Google Chrome exclusively, since it integrates well with the Google Suite of apps that are used extensively here.

Listed below are links showing how to check web history on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Keep in mind that computer software changes frequently and although these steps have not changed drastically, they will change without notice!


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MEA Testing Links

Go to Dan Dearing’s page for links to MEA resources.

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