Classroom Information


Classroom Supplies

  • Backpack- Inside will need to fit a school folder, lunch box or snack, and important school projects.
  • Towel or Small Blanket- Please make sure it can be rolled up and small enough to place in their backpack. The blanket will be used for rest time at the beginning of the school year. It will be sent home periodically to be washed.
  • Change of Clothing- Please pack a change of clothing in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name. This will stay in their backpack and be used in case of an accident.
  • Healthy Snack- We will have a snack time in the late morning. Please pack a healthy snack for your child to enjoy. I will have emergency snacks available if a child forgets theirs.

Coffin School Rules

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Kind
  3. Be Responsible

Classroom Rules:

  1. Be Kind to Others
  2. Listen to My Teacher
  3. Make Safe Choices
  4. Always try my best
  5. Use my inside voice

In the classroom children are awarded stars for following school and classroom rules. It is a positive behavior system that empowers children and rewards them for their wonderful choices. Once children have received 5 stars they pick a reward from our behavior catalog.  Some of the rewards are, sitting in the teacher chair, bringing in a stuffed animal, or reading aloud a book.

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Birthday Fun

In the classroom we love to celebrate student birthdays. In the morning children will sing to the birthday friend and I will give them a birthday card. Children are welcome to bring in a healthy treat to celebrate their day if you would like. Some great ideas are, yogurts, fruit, or popcorn. Please let me know ahead of time so that I can arrange a time in our schedule.