(Please note: Areas of the curriculum are currently being worked on or in the process of being created.  Any unit/subject which is underlined will link to the appropriate subject matter.  If it is not underlined, it is either being revised or created.)

Health Mission Statement

            The mission of Health Education is to help students attain the knowledge and skills to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially as outlined in the Maine Learning Results and ten content areas of Health.  This knowledge should help students gain an understanding of the multiple challenges of growing up, in order to be successful and healthy adults.  Health Education also includes a set of skills to empower students to better manage stress and conflict, to make better decisions in the face of conflicting messages, and to be improved, assertive communicators, thus assisting them to lead healthier lives.

Kindergarten-Grade 5:  Health units are combined with guidance units, to be found in the Guidance section.

Grade 7:
Unit 1: Healthy Choices 

Unit 2: Human Development 
Unit 3: Personal Health
Unit 4: Human Growth 
Unit 5: Safety and Accident Prevention

Grade 8:
Unit 1:
Nutrition and Wellness 
Unit 2: Personal and Family Health and Wellness 
Unit 3: Substance Abuse Prevention 
Unit 4: Community Health

Grade 9

Grade 10:
Unit 1: Community and Consumer Health

Unit 2: Diseases and Disease Prevention

Unit 3: Environmental Health

Unit 4: Family and Social Health

Unit 5: Growth and Development
Unit 6: Injury Prevention
Unit 7: Nutrition
Unit 8: Personal Health
Unit 9: Safety
Unit 10: Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Prevention

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