(Please note: Some areas of the curricula are currently being worked on or in the process of being created.)

Kindergarten-Grade 8:  N/A

Grades 9-12:  Accounting I
Unit 1: Starting a Proprietorship
Unit 2: Analyzing Transactions into Debt and Credit Parts
Unit 3: Journalizing Transactions
Unit 4: Posting to a General Ledger
Unit 5: Cash Control Systems
Unit 6: Worksheet for a Service Business
Unit 7: Financial Statements for a Proprietorship
Unit 8: Recording and Closing Entries for a Service Business
Unit 9: Journalizing Purchases and Cash PaymentsUnit 10: Journalizing Sales and Cash Receipts
Unit 11: Posting to General and Subsidiary Ledgers
Unit 12: Preparing Payroll Records
Unit 13: Payroll Accounting Taxes and Reports
Unit 14: Distributing Dividends and Preparing a Worksheet for Merchandising Business
Unit 15: Financial Statements for a Corporation
Unit 16: Recording, Adjusting and Closing Entries for a Corporation

Grades 9-12:  Business and Computer Science/Business Management
Unit 1: Entrepreneurship
Unit 2: Recognizing Individual and Global Opportunities
Unit 3: Business Ownership and the Legal Environment
Unit 4: Market Strategies
Unit 5: Business Plan

Grades 9-12:  Computer Applications
Unit 1: Keyboarding Review
Unit 2: Word
Unit 3: Web Design
Unit 4: Excel
Unit 5: Access
Unit 6: Multimedia

Grades 9-12:  Computer Programming with JAVA AP

Grades 9-12: Computer Programming with Python
Unit 1: Getting Started with Python-Using an IDE
Unit 2: Types, Variables, Input and Output

Unit 3: Branching While Loops
Unit 4: Branching for Loops, Strings and Tuples
Unit 5: Lists and Dictionaries
Unit 6: Functions

Grades 9-12:  Computer Dynamics of the Stock Market
Unit 1: Profits
Unit 2: Types of Trading
Unit 3: Economic Indicators
Unit 4: Where Did All The Money Go? The Great Depression

Grades 9-12:  Graphic Design
Unit 1: Selection, Tools, Layers
Unit 2: Sketching, Oil Painting, Comics, Custom Clipart Collection, Text Techniques
Unit 3: Web Design, Layer Masks, Pen Tools
Unit 4: CD Cover, Software and Book Cover Designs
Unit 5: Landscapes, Scenes and Animation
Unit 6: Design and Layout of eBooks in PDF and EPub

Grades 9-12:  Word Processing
Unit 1: Keyboarding
Unit 2: Correspondence
Unit 3: Reports and Tables
Unit 4: Desktop Publishing
Unit 5: Spreadsheet Applications
Unit 6: Multimedia


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