This list will be updated daily. Please check back frequently to see what you can and should be adding to your Island Project. Make sure to hit the refresh button for updates.

Island Project to DO List

November 16th

  1. First, all ink used for outlining and writing should be done with a fine tipped black sharpie.  Color should be done with map pencils unless permission has been given to use another medium. 
  2. Make  sure the large rectangle is on the right side of your poster board. 
  3. Pencil in the A-F on the top of your grid.  Make sure to leave the 1st square (left corner) blank for the compass rose
  4. Pencil in 1-6 on the left side of your grid. Did you try to carry the theme through these boxes?
  5. Ink and color these grid headings.     
IMG_2370 IMG_2369
IMG_2368 IMG_2365
IMG_2366 IMG_2363

6. Pencil in your compass rose in the first box above the number 1 and to the left of the letter A. Use all 8  intermediate directions.   Did you carry the theme into this box? Happy with it?  You may now ink and color it.  See examples above.

7.  Put shape of island on grid in pencil.  Add landforms on island in pencil. Make sure to leave enough space to add the island title.

8.  Draft title.  Happy with it? Make sure it is large enough to see from a distance.  Walk backwards ten steps: Can you read the title? Does it stand out in a good way? If so, great.  If not, fix it up…

9. Draft mileage scale.  Put title (Scale of Miles), 1 inch=10 miles, and drawing representation of mileage (use ruler for exact measurement) in open part of the ocean.  

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[2] FullSizeRender[3] FullSizeRender[1]

10.  In pencil, put your human made features/symbols on your island. Color in symbols. 

11. Connect all human places with roads.  

12.  Draft index on a separate piece of paper.  These should be capitalized and written in ABC order.  See blue resource for additional information..

13. You may color in the island, the title, the scale of miles, anything left on the large square shape.  Do not touch the large rectangle on the right side.

14.  Parent Progress note is due Tuesday.  Parents:  Want an example?  Review the pink project packet for samples of how to write this letter.  You can also email. 

15. Draft mileage chart on a piece of scrap paper.  Look good?  Transfer onto final paper or transfer onto poster. Go over with a fine tip pen, erase pencil markings, and add color. 

16.  You may now add your index, key, and mileage chart to the large rectangle on your poster.  Everything should be complete now.

Samples: Please note that on Sample #1 and #3 below, the designer mistakingly capitalized words in the key-they SHOULD NOT be capitalized.  This was discussed with the students at school.  They also have several paper resources detailing specific expectations for each piece of the project.  These were added to provide visuals of what the rectangle could look like if they wanted to exceed expectations in these areas (color, art, etc.).

photo[1] copy 2

Mileage Chart









17.  Finally, parent and student evaluations are due Monday with the island project!! This is it! It’s time to say adios, au revoir, arrivederci, sayonara to your hard work projects and work on SELLING your island as a travel destination.  When working on your presentations, think of your fellow classmates as people looking to get away.  Follow the guidelines given to you on the blue presentation page.  Why should people come to your island? What will they do if they choose your destination? Remember, this is the creative piece to the project.  Enjoy it and have fun!!!






Option #1

FunEgyptian Site

Mapping activity website:


Egyptian Timeline



Site#1     http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/pyramids/home.html

Site #2  http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/khafra.shtml 

Site #3   http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/archaeology/valley-of-the-kings/