Bailey Island Social Studies

Dear Students,
Welcome to Brunswick Junior High School! The sixth grade is an exciting time in your life and in your education. You are now becoming grown-ups and will begin to take responsibility for your education. As your social studies teacher, it is my job to get you ready for this responsibility while at the same time unveiling worldly mysteries, and the many interesting cultures in it.

To help support you in our travels, I will be frequently updating this site with interesting sites to explore, a breakdown of  homework assignments, class rules, current events, and general school news.  I advise you to check often.

In today’s world, whether you are playing games, picking a movie, or even running a mile, there is an app for everything. In my room there is an APP for learning. You will not find it on your iPod or iPhone, but rather it is inside yourself. The APP for learning stands for the following:

A- Attention
Pay attention to what is happening around you. Listen to your teachers and classmates. Learn from what everyone says, so that you can apply it to your life. Look carefully at the details in your work and catch those avoidable errors. This focus is an integral part of growth.

P- Participation
Participate in your growth. Whether we are having a whole class discussion or working in a small groups, take an active role. Raise your hand, take a chance, and share your thoughts. Talking and sharing allows you to think ideas through and reach a better understanding. Share every day!

P- Patience
Learning is hard work. Sometimes it will come easily and other times it will be a struggle. Trust in yourself and don’t get yourself down. A patient worker plans their time and never rushes to the end. Remember that the learning is in the journey, not the end result.

Keep these ideas fresh in your mind and remember, you are not alone. Feel free to e-mail me whenever you have questions.  I look forward to an exciting year!


Mrs. Brescia