Grades K-1

The links below are safe and friendly for primary aged students. These sites allow children to revisit the concepts learned in the classroom and provide practice for further skill development. Computers are exciting and powerful teaching tools that engage young minds!  
Favorite: Cookie Keyboarding Practice: Keyboarding Zoo
   All Subjects: Literacy:
ABCYa Core Words Spelling
BrainPop Jr. FunFonix
Dositey Highlights
Earobics National Geographic Magazine
Enchanted Learning Raz-Kids
Kidport ReadWriteThink
Kindersite Reading is Fundamental
Learning Planet Starfall
MiKids Storyline Online
Mr. Nussbaum Tumblebooks
National Geographic Kids pinkstarLets Find Out
PBS Kids Color Patterns
Quia CrickWeb
Scholastic EverySchool Maths
Sesame Street Fuel the Brain
Sheppard Software Math Play
Turtle Diary Tanagrams
reddot Trackstar Think Central
  aquatriIXL Math
Image Sites for Kids:  
Pics 4 Learning A Kid’s Photo
Just For Fun:  
Fun Brain For the Teacher:
Gingerbread Man National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
SwitcherooZoo Reading A-Z