State Report Card (NCLB)

The federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires all states, school districts, and schools to disseminate and make public student achievement test scores on the M.E.A. test in the form of annual report cards to parents and communities.  It further requires us to share with the public accountability data and highly qualified teacher information.

The Brunswick School Department REPORT CARD is an attempt to provide relevant data to inform students, parents, and the general public as to how the school department is performing in terms of student assessments, accountability, and teacher quality as that information applies to the district as a whole and by the required NCLB subgroups, including:

  • School district/school improvement status
  • Percentage of students tested
  • Information on student achievement at each proficiency level
  • Information on how students in the district/school achieved on state academic assessment
  • The most recent 2-year trend data on student achievement for each subject and for each grade
  • The number of all public elementary and secondary school teachers teaching with temporary credentials
  • The percentage of classes in the district not taught by highly qualified teachers (as the term is defined in Section 9101(23) of the ESEA) in the aggregate and disaggregated by school

The Brunswick School Department has focused on the development and creation of assessments for learning for utilization in the classroom to inform sound instructional strategies. Our principals and teachers have carefully examined each year’s Maine Educational Assessments to determine our strengths and weaknesses in an ongoing attempt to place emphasis on those areas where we recognize improvement is needed. Our teachers have consistently used the M.E.A. released test items in classes to guide and  help our students understand the types of questions asked and how rubrics are scored in order to meet the Maine Learning Result Standards. The M.E.A. is one important indicator of how Brunswick students are progressing in ELA/Reading, Mathematics, Science and Technology. The M.E.A.

Notifications to Parents That They May Request Teacher Professional Qualifications: There is public access to all NECAP tests, NWEA tests, and our State Report at any time any citizen requests. The NECAP test results were presented to the Brunswick School Board and on local TV3 in March, 2011. Our website has test score results and our State Report is posted as well (see below). Each building principal disseminates a newsletter to parents and the public  that states:

As part of the No Child Left Behind Act, every school district is required to disseminate to parents and the community relevant data and education information about student assessments, school improvement status, teacher credentials, and the district’s compliance with employing highly qualified teachers and staff.  Parents in Title I schools may request the professional qualifications of teachers.  Please click on the links below to review our report cards both for the district and for individual schools. Any and all requests from any community member regarding public information about the progress of our district or any individual school is honored.

THE SCHOOLS:  The Brunswick School Department is currently comprised of two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school in a mid coastal town, the largest town in Maine. The schools are governed by a nine-member school board, seven elected by districts and two at-large; terms are staggered so there are always experienced members in service on the board. All schools are approved by the Maine Department of Education; the high school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. In addition, Maine Vocational Region Ten, located on the Church Road in Brunswick, serves over 300 high school students from Brunswick, Freeport, and MSAD 75 (Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Harpswell and Topsham) and offers a wide range of programs; the courses of study provide career and technical education in twelve areas, aimed at preparing students for the skilled job market and post-secondary education. Enrollment as of September, 2013, is 2, 398.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT: The Brunswick School Department and its teachers participate in high quality staff development experiences that support best instructional  practices for teachers as individuals, at the building level, and at the district level.  Brunswick teachers are expected to be engaged in continuous professional growth individually, with their colleagues, and for the advancement of the school district’s goals.

“High-quality professional development…..refers to rigorous and relevant content, strategies, and organizational supports that ensure the preparation and career-long development of teachers and others whose competence, expectations and actions influence the teaching and learning environment.”  –United States Department of Education

“…..staff development is no longer viewed as something that is only necessary for teachers. We now recognize that everyone who affects student learning, from the board of education, central office administrators, principals, teachers, to classified/support staff, and parents must continually improve their knowledge and skills in order to ensure student learning.” –The National Staff Development Council

For information on highly qualified teachers, click here.

NEW TEACHER INDUCTION PROGRAM:  The Brunswick School Department was one of the very first school systems in Maine to establish a New Teacher Induction Program to provide instruction in classroom management and effective teaching techniques, to reduce the difficulty of the transition into teaching, and to maximize the retention rate of highly qualified teachers.  The New Teacher Induction Program provides an overview of Brunswick’s:
1. Certification Progress for Teachers
2. Curriculum
3. Student Services and Special Education Programming
4. Business Department operations
5. New Teacher Evaluation
6. E.S.L Program and a meeting with the chairperson of the Brunswick School Department, Superintendent of Schools, and President of the Brunswick Education Association.

SPECIAL EDUCATION:  The Brunswick School Department is responsible for identifying all children between the ages of three and twenty within its jurisdiction who may have a disability which requires special education services  in the least restrictive educational environment.  With approximately 2, 468 total students, the special education departments serves approximately 386 students, 15% of the school population, which is below the average for the State of Maine. Each school in Brunswick has a resource room for children with learning disabilities. In addition, the Brunswick School Department supports district-wide programs for children with severe learning disabilities, functional life skills, behavior, and Autism.


TECHNOLOGY:  The Brunswick schools are connected through a high-speed private fiber network for both voice and data. This robust network provides students and staff with a reliable conduit for network storage and sharing of files as well as a high-speed connection to the Internet for both research and instant communication with the outside world. One of the district’s technology goals is to provide ongoing training to all staff on technology integration into the curriculum and in the use of the latest technology gear like the interactive whiteboard. The continued support by the community has provided the Brunswick School Department with a first class, well managed technology resource.

THE COMMUNITY:  Education, arts and community have always been a trademark of Brunswick, a town on Maine’s beautiful seacoast situated on Casco Bay. It is 30 miles from the state’s largest city, Portland, 45 miles from the capital, Augusta. Bowdoin College is a mainstay in the community. Nearby Bath Iron Works is a national leader in yacht and naval design and construction that brings its legacy to Brunswick.







Summary and Analysis of MEAs and SATs to the School Board October 2009

National Merit Scholarships:  The current semifinalists are in a group of about 16,000 students from around the country. They are in competition for 8,300 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $34 million, to be offered next spring. There were approximately 1,500 million juniors from 22,000 high schools competing for this honor.

National Merit Semifinalists for 2013-2014 are as follows:

  • Madeline Cowan
  • Kathryn A. Eldridge
  • Tessa J. Hauptman
  • Walter Martin
  • Zachery I. Miller
  • Joseph WaringB.H.S. had the most National Semifinalist in the State of Maine for 2013-2014.

Semifinalist Students in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program

  • Hannah Wright
  • Andrew Warren

Commended Students in the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program

  • Benjamin Blaisdell
  • Ann E. Kelly
  • Abigail A. MacDonald
  • Sophia W. Muschell
  • Natalie O. Naculich
  • Madeline P. Schneider
  • Joseph C. Walter
  • Alesa M. Yuodsnukis

Finalists in the 2010 Competition for National Merit Scholarships:

  • Will D. Geohegan
  • Conor Kelly
  • Daniel G. Pavitt
  • Johanna C. Thompson-Westra
  • David E. Wright

NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS (1992-2008/listed by Maine towns/cities)

Three-Year SAU Summary (Mathematics & Reading) for the State of Maine and the Brunswick School Department



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