Alternative Education

46 Federal Street
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 319-1925

Jeff Thompson,  C0-director/Teacher
Mike Routhier, C0-director/Teacher

MISSION: to offer meaningful and challenging experiences that will engage students in the learning process, motivate students to be self-directed and lifelong learners, and reinforce the values of trust, respect, and effort.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Union School is a non-traditional way to earn the 21 1/2 credits and more needed to graduate with a Brunswick High School Diploma. It consists of a program that emphasizes career skills by working in teams, by planning for the future, and by taking an active role in learning. Honest communication, effort and respect are the foundation of these experiences.

There are two parts to the program
Academic (internal): two block-style classes each semester
External: Technical Education at Region 10 Technical High School, elective classes at Brunswick High (for example, some students continue with their Fine Arts classes or electives as the second part of their school day), and occasionally seniors have jobs or volunteer placements based on career interest.


  • Wellness: All students and staff participate in a year-long program of wellness activities that range from life skill discussions, hikes, outdoor exploratory activities, bowling, kayaking, and other recreational activities. At the end of the year, Union School students earn 1/2 elective credit, which can also be used as a P.E. or Health credit.
  • Experiential: This program features guest speakers, field trips, video presentations, community service opportunities, and other similar activities that offer students various educational and real world experiences outside the classroom environment – each full-year student receives 1/2 Experiential Credit (elective).
  • Participation in these course offerings is required for all Union School students.

ATTENDANCE/LATE PROCEDURES: Any student who is more than 10 minutes late for the start of school or a class without calling will be marked absent for that class period and must return when the next class begins. As a courtesy, all students are required to call in when absent or late.

  • 3 days absent allowed per quarter
  • make-up time must be completed within one week (failure to make up time by the end of the quarter will result in lost credit for that quarter)


  • Field trips are required and involve team building and communication.
  • Students participate in a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, plays, skiing/snowboarding, workplace visits and more.

“I think that Union School is very helpful and I love the one-on-one time you get with teachers. It has helped me in many ways; I get up for school and and I’m motivated to show up!”

“The school helped me feel confident in academics. The class is small and I’m not afraid to ask questions.”

“I think Union School is a great opportunity to graduate. I’d recommend it for students who are having trouble earning credits.”

“Union School, honestly, is the only reason I’m in school, let alone graduating on time.”

“Being at Union School has helped my school performance alot.”

“The work environment is very laid back, which makes it a lot easier for me.”

“The small classes make it easier to concentrate.”

Download: Union School Application