Our Schedule

We are very busy here in Kindergarten.  Here is what our day looks like!

8:50-9:15- Welcome, unpack backpack, choose lunch, table time activity

9:15-9:40- Morning meeting, calendar, read aloud

9:40-10:10- Math Block

10:10-10:45- Reading Block

10:50-12:00- Recess and Lunch

12:00-12:20- Rest and Bathroom

12:20-12:45- Reading

12:50-1:30- Diversified Arts

*Monday-Library with Mrs. Soule and Mrs. Doring

*Tuesday- Physical Education with Ms. Peck-Moad

*Wednesday- Music with Mrs. Murphy

*Thursday- Second Step with Ms. Watson

*Friday- Art with Ms. Crosby

1:40-1:55- Recess

2:00-2:30- Writing

2:30-2:50 Choice Time

2:50-3:00- Clean Up and Pack Up

3:00-3:15- Snack

3:15-3:30- Dismissal