Student Links

These are academic and some classroom used website links that you and your child may access at home (typically user name and password free).

Raz-Kids – Book reading website compatible with smartphones – large inventory of fiction and nonfiction books leveled according to child’s reading ability

Login: Teacher name: efunderburk1 <—# one Password: Child’s two letter initial

IXL Math  – User Name: student’s first initial and full last name Password: first initial, last name initial (two letters)

Xtra Math – Math Fluency website – Need a PIN?  See me!

Go Noodle (get active, calming activities & have fun)

Class Dojo – Classroom Community site with Rewards incentives that is used in many classrooms over the country

Adapted Mind – Adding Tens and Ones 12 minute video on how to add two digit numbers

Coffin School “Great Links”  – links to a variety of school-used websites and learning games