Cast List

Full Cast meeting and rehearsal on Tuesday in Crooker Theatre from 2:45-5:30. 

All cast members must attend.  A full calendar with the rehearsal schedule will be passed out then. 

You will notice that the ensemble roles have not been cast.  We will select those as we move forward with rehearsals.

The Principal Cast List

Andrews– Ethan Boll
Ismay – Parker Eckert
Captain E.J. Smith– Josh Flanagan
Murdoch– Jeremy Vuong
Pitman/Etches – Lucas Welzel
Bride– Sean Lyne
Barrett– Elliott Nagler
Fleet – Wyeth Tobey
Bellboy/Latimer– Joshua Pratt
Ida Straus– Madeleine Blakemore (“Still” soloist)
Isidor Straus– Dennis Matthews
Alice Beane– Hannah Perreault
Edgar Beane– Ben Stevens
Farrell– Cole Engstrom
Kate McGowan– RyLee Ramsey
Kate Murphey– Sophie Calderwood
Kate Mullins – Lily Kimball Watras
Hartley– Emma Hughes (“The Latest Rag Soloist”)  (“Autumn” soloist to be determined)

Luka Baskett, Suzette Chasse, Laura Chavoustie, Grace Confer, Aidan Crawford, Sophie Creamer, Mia Denison, Gaby Diaz, Bella Driscoll, Daphne Dumont, Tyler Engstrom, Julianna Gamage, Ryan Giles, Ainsley Harrower, Lizzy Haskell, Rowan Joyce, Liberty Krauss, Hannah Leitzell, Molly McGough, Byrnne McQuaid, Maddy Moody, Darius Newman, Ella Owen, Molly Palese, Audrey Pantaz, Destiny Parker, Ella Perham, Victoria Pulver, Katherine Robinson, Eliza Rudalevige, Gabri Sparks, Nate Stafford, Zoe Temple, Charles Thurlow




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