Affirmative Action Committee

In accordance with the Affirmative Action Plan of the Brunswick School Department, the names of the Affirmative Action Committee members shall be posted in each building. Listed below are current members, serving for 2-year terms, and expiring at the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

James Oikle: Title IX Officer, Co-Chair (319-1900)
Jean Skorapa: Principal, Co-Chair (319-1960)
Barbara Gunn: “504” Coordinator (319-1900)
Paul Caron: Facilities, Grounds & Transportation (319-1904)
Scott Smith: Food Service Representative (319-1906)
Susan Perkins: Athletics and Co-Curricular (319-1910)
Mary Moore, Brunswick High School (319-1912)
Beth York, Brunswick Junior High (319-1930)
Janet Rivard, Coffin School Representative (319-1950)
Blair Dwyer, H.B. Stowe School Representative (319-1960)

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