Third Grade Talent Development Math Block Resources

Alexei recommends this YouTube Channel –Vsauce, especially Infinity and Supertasks.


3D Shapes- vertices, edges, and surfaces

Math is Fun-2D shapes

Metrology – The study of weights and measures/Explore this site for great information about Metrology.

Look for Measurement Games under “Made to Measure” tab.

How Do You Lift A Million Pounds


Visit these interactive PROBABILITY games  

Great site to explore.  Videos demonstrating real-world math and fun games support student learning.
Experience Geometry with step-by-step guidance and apply your learning in this easy to use interactive site.
Students wonder…
Can a polygon have a curved side as long as there are at least three line segments?
Math Antics is a series of great learning videos.  Here is the one of quadrilaterals.
 Pi Day
Wow! This YouTube demonstrates perseverance, stamina and dedication to finishing a project.
Can you explain Pi in three minutes fourteen seconds?  Richard Bew makes his best effort.
 Interactive Math Games -I especially like the Logic Puzzles

Math in Focus

Listed below are the Math in Focus School-to-Home Connections sheets for each chapter of the Math In Focus Program and a Welcome to Math in Focus letter which  describes the math focus for our third grade students.  Each chapter sheet focuses on the math language and concepts for the corresponding chapter along with activities you can do at home with your child.  I hope you enjoy exploring the math concepts and  opportunity to work with your child’s math learning. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at



Thank you Sawyer for sharing your Mayan experience at the Museum of Science in Boston.
Explore the Mayan culture Learn more about the Maya (or Mayan)in this easy to use site.

 Tales of the Mayan Skies  Great mayan math game if you click “Online Activities” and then “Mayan Math”