Brunswick School Department Policies

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A: FOUNDATIONS AND BASIC COMMITMENTS– This section contains policies on Brunswick’s legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance. These policies provide a setting for all of the school board’s other policies and regulations.
AC: Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action (5/14/08)

ACAA: Harassment & Sexual Harassment of Students (5/14/08)
ACAA-R: Student Nondiscrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedure (5/14/08)
ACAB: Harassment & Sexual Harassment of School Employees (5/14/08)
ACAB-R: Employee Discrimination & Harassment – Complaint Procedure (5/14/08)
ACAD: Hazing (12/8/10)
AD: Philosophy/Vision of the Brunswick Public Schools (9/14/16)
ADA: School System Goals & Objectives (9/10/14)
ADAA: School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical & Responsible Behavior (9/10/14)
ADC: Tobacco Use & Possession (5/14/08)
ADC-R: Tobacco Use & Possession – Administrative Procedure (5/14/08)
ADF: Commitment to Maine’s Learning Results (11/9/05)

B: SCHOOL BOARD GOVERNANCE AND OPERATIONS– This section contains policies on how the school board is appointed or elected, how it is organized, how it conducts meetings, and how it operates. It includes bylaws and policies establishing the Board’s internal operating procedures.
BBA: Board Powers & Responsibilities

BBBAB: Student Liaison to the School Board (12/2016)
BCB: Board Member Conflict of Interest (6/9/10)
BDB: Board Officers (6/9/10)
BDE: Board Committees (4/10/13)

BDE-R: Standing Committee Operating Procedures (4/10/13)
BDG : Legal Servicess (10/13/10)
BEA: Board Member Use of Electronic Communication (9/8/10)
BEDB: Agenda (9/8/10)

BEDB-R: Agenda-Format (9/8/10)
BEDD: Rules of Procedure (9/12/12)
BEDH: Public Participation at Board Meetings (10/13/10)
BG: School Board Policy Process (7/8/09)
BG-R: Policy Adoption Process (7/8/09)
BH: Board Communications (8/23/10)
BHC: Board Communications with Staff (8/23/10)
BIA: New Board Member Orientation (11/12/08)
BIC: Board Member Freedom of Access Law Training (11/12/08)
BIC-E: Certification of Completion of Freedom of Access Training (no date)

C: GENERAL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION– This section contains policies on school management, administrative organization, and school building and department administration, including the administrative aspect of special programs and systemwide reforms such as school- or site-based management. It also houses personnel policies on the superintendent, senior administrators (management team), and school principals. It also contains all phases of policy implementation (procedures or regulations).
CA-R: Brunswick School Department Administration Evaluation Handbook (1993)-to be revised

CBC: Superintendent Powers and Responsibilities (7/17/84)
CBE: Superintendent’s Salary, Compensation, and Benefits (7/17/84)
CBI: Evaluation-Superintendent of Schools (5/8/02)
CBI-R: Evaluation-Superintendent of Schools (5/9/12)
CBI-E: Evaluation Form-Superintendent of Schools (no date)

CE: Administrative Councils, Cabinets & Committees (6/21/12)

– This section contains policies on school finances and the management of funds (policies on financing of school construction & renovation are in SECTION F).

DB: Annual Budget

DFD: Gate Receipts and Admissions (7/17/84)
DJB: Purchasing Procedures (9/11/13)
DN: School Properties Disposition (1/14/04)

E: SUPPORT SERVICES– This section contains policies on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.
EBAA: Chemical Hazards

EBAB: Hazardous Materials (12/11/90)
EBABA: Chemical Hygiene Policy (4/13/05)
EBABA-E1: Brunswick Junior High School Chemical Hygiene Plan (with Appendix A&B) (4/13/05)
EBABA-E2: Brunswick High School Chemical Hygiene Plan (with Appendix A&B) (4/13/05)
EBB: Workplace Safety (6/9/10)
EBCA: Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (2/10/10)
EBCA-E: Emergency Management Plan (2012-2013)-not available online
EBCB: Safety Drills (12/11/96)
EBCB-R: Fire Drills – Administrative Regulations (12/11/96)
EBCB-E: Fire Drills – Procedures (no date)
EBCC: Bomb Threats (11/13/02)
ECB: Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds (12/10/03)
ECB-R: Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds-Regulations (12/10/03)
ECB-E1: Annual Pest Management Notification (12/10/03)
EE: Transportation (3/9/11)
EEAEAA: Alcohol & Controlled Substance Abuse Testing for Drivers (11/12/14)
EEAEAA-R: Drug & Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers/Procedures (11/12/14)
EEAEAA-E1: Acknowledgement (9/9/98)
EEAEAA-E2: Handbook-Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing for Commercial License Drivers (9/98)
(a copy of this handbook is available in the Superintendent’s office)
EEAEC: Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles (4/9/97)
EEAEC-R: Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles-Procedures (12/13/00)
EEAEC-E1: Video Cameras on Transporation Vehicles-Letter to Parent (12/13/00)
EEAEC-E2: Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles-Warning Video Surveillance (12/13/00)
EEAEC-E3: Bus Video/Audio Tape Viewing Log (12/13/00)
EEAEC-E4: Request Form to View School Bus Video/Audio (12/13/00)
EEAG: Student Transportation in Private Vehicles (5/8/13)
EEBB: Employee Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students (11/10/10)
EEBB-R: Use of Private Vehicles on School Business-Procedures (7/9/98)
EEBB-E1: Employee Request to Use Personal Vehicle for School Business (11/10/10)
EEBB-E2: Personal Vehicle Checklist (11/10/10)
EEBB-E3: Parent/Guardian Permission (11/10/10)
EEBB-E4: Parent/Guardian Permission (5/8/13)
EF: Student Nutrition Policy for Food Services (6/14/17)

EF-R: Student Nutrition Policy – Regulations (6/14/17)
EFE: Competitive Food Sales-Sales of Foods in Competition with the School Food Service Program (9/15/11)
EGAB: Internet Usage Safety (10/9/02)
EGAB-R: Internet Usage Safety-Regulations (10/10/02)
EGAD: Copyright Compliance (10/22/85)
EHB: Records Management (8/13/08)

F: FACILITIES PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT– This section contains policies on facility planning, financing, construction and renovation; it also includes temporary facilities and school closings.
FF: FF: Naming of Facilities (reviewed 6/2017)

G: PERSONNEL– This section contains policies on all school employees (except for Superintendent, see SECTION C). There are 3 divisions: the first has policies applying to all school employees or to general personnel matters; the second refers to instructional and administrative staff; and the last refers to support or classified staff.
GA: Professional Goals/Priority Objectives (7/17/84)

GB: General Personnel Policies (no date)
GBA: Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (11/4/98)
GBA-R: Affirmative Action Plan (9/14/16)
GBBA: Harassment Policies (2/2002-also JBA-E)
GBEA: Staff Ethics/Conflict of Interest (7/17/84)

GBEB: Staff Conduct with Students (12/10/09)
GBEBD: Purchasing and Contracting: Procurement Staff Code of Conduct (3/11/09)
GBEC: Drug-Free Workplace (6/11/08)
GBGA: Staff Health (12/11/90)
GBGA-R: Employee Bloodborne Pathogen Handbook (2/2002)
GBO: Leave for Family and Medical Reasons (GBN per state)  (5/13/09)
GBO-R: Leave for Family and Medical Reasons-Regulations (5/13/09)
GCBC: Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans/Overtime (3/10/81)
GCF: Professional Staff Hiring (9/10/08)
GCFA: Hiring of Instructional Staff (7/17/84)
GCFB: Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff (9/14/16)
GCFB-R: Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff-Procedures (9/14/16)
GCFC: Professional Staff Certification and Credentialing Requirements (7/17/84)
GCG: Substitute Teachers (5/10/2017)
GCI: Personnel Development Policy (5/13/98)
GCL: Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars (8/3/82)
GCOA: Supervision and Evaluation of Professional Staff (6/11/08)
GCOA-R: Teacher Evaluation Handbook (1992-93)-to be revised
GCOC: Evaluation of Administrative Staff (6/11/08)
GCQC: Resignation of Brunswick School Department Employees (12/10/09)
GCS: Professional Research and Publishing (10/22/85)
GCSA: Employee Computer and Internet Use (4/12/00)
GCSA-R: Regulations for Employee Computer and Internet Use (6/14/00)
GCSA-E: Employee Computer and Internet Use-Memo/Acknowledgement (no date)

H: NEGOTIATIONSThis section contains policies relating to process of negotiating with bargaining units recognized by the school board and authorized under state law.

I: INSTRUCTIONThis section contains policies on instructional programs, including basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.
ICA: School Calendar (8/13/84)

ICA-E: School Calendar (updated yearly)
ICB: Extended School Year Services (5/13/98)
ID: Early Release (5/11/11)
IE: Organization of Instruction (7/17/84)
IFA: Heterogeneous/Ability Grouping (to be developed)
IGA: Curriculum Development and Adoption

IGA-R Curriculum Development and Adoption Process (4/13/11)
IHBA: Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) (9/15/11)
IHBAA: Referral/Pre-Referral of Students with Disabilities (9/14/16)
IHBAA-R: Referral Procedures and General Education Interventions (9/14/16)
IHBAC: Child Find (9/14/16)
IHBAL: Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities (9/15/11)
IHBE: English as a Second Language (4/13/93)
IHBG: Home Schooling (4/13/11)
IHBGA: Home Schooling-Participation in School Programs (4/13/11)
IHCDA: Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (9/10/08)
IIB: Guidelines for Class Size (1/13/99)
III: Independent Study (7/16/85)
IJJ: Selection and Adoption of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials (5/11/11)
IJJ-R: Selection and Adoption of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials-Regulations (5/11/11)
IJJ-E: Textbook/Core Instructional Material-Recommendation Review Form (5/11/11)
IJL: Library Materials Selection and Adoption (4/14/04)
IJL-R: Library Materials Selection and Adoption-Regulations (4/14/04)
IJND: Electronic Presence Policy (6/8/11)
IJND-R: Electronic Presence Guidelines-Regulations (12/14/11)
IJND-E1: Parent/Guardian Agreement to Publish Student Information/Photos/Student Work on the Brunswick School Department Electronic Presence and in Newspapers-Grades K-5 (12/14/11)
IJND-E2: Parent/Guardian Agreement to Publish Student Information/Photos/Student Work on the Brunswick School Department Electronic Presence and in Newspapers-Grades 6-8 (12/14/11)
IJND-E3: Parent/Guardian Agreement to Publish Student Information/Photos/Student Work on the Brunswick School Department Electronic Presence and in Newspapers-Grades 9-12 (12/14/11)
IJNDB: student computer internet use online safety (8/8/12)
IJNDB-R regulations for student computer use 4.12.00 (4/12/00)
IJNDB-E: Student Computer & School Internet Use-Permission Form (9/04)
IJNDBA: Laptop Computer Use (10/9/02)
IJNDBA-R: Laptop Computer Use (10/9/02)
IJNDBA-E: Student Laptop Computer Home Use-Permission Form (2004)
IJOA: Field Trips (7/12/00)
IJOA-R: Field Trip-Administrative Procedure (7/12/00)
IJOA-E: Field Trip Permission Form (no date)
IJOAA: Educational Field Trips Requiring Extended Travel (3/12/08)
IJOC: School Volunteers (9/14/16)
IKB: Homework Policy (6/14/17)
IKB-R: Homework Policy “Administrative Guidelines”-Reasons for Homework (12/13/88)
IKC: Class Rankings/Grade Point Averages (6/14/17)
IKC-R: Weighted Academic Averages for Brunswick High School (8/11/99)
IKE: Promotion Policy (6/14/17)
IKE-R: Promotion Policy-Regulations (9/9/09)
IKF: Graduation Requirements (5/2017)
IKF-R: Community Service Regulation (4/9/08)
IKF-E: Brunswick High School Community Service Log (no date)
ILA: Student Assessment (6/14/17)
ILD: Educational Research-Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations (12/10/03)
IMBB: Exemption from Required Instruction (7/9/08)
IMD: School Ceremonies and Observances (2/10/10)
IMG: Animals in School (8/14/13)
IMGA: Service Animals in School (4/8/15)

J: STUDENTS – This section contains policies on admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.
JB: Equal Educational Opportunity (6/21/83)

JBA: Nondiscrimination of Students (1/13/99)
JBA-E : Harassment Policies (2/2002, also GBBA)
JBAA: Nondiscrimination of Students on the Basis of Handicap/Disability (5/13/98)
JCA: Assigning Students to Schools (3/9/11)
JE: Student Attendance (7/17/84)
JEA: Compulsory Attendance (8/13/08)
JEAA: Attendance Policy (7/8/09)
JF: Student Admissions to/Withdrawals from School (7/16/85)
JFAA: Admission of Resident Students (6/11/14)
JFAB: Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students (6/11/14)
JFABA: Enrollment of Non-Resident Children of School Employees (9/15/11)
JFABD: Admission of Homeless Students (3/12/08)
JFC: Dropout Prevention-Student Withdrawal from School (9/10/08)
JFCE: Use of Personal Electronic Devices (10/11/06)
JH: Student Absences and Excuses (7/17/84)
JHB: Truancy (9/10/08)
JHB-E1: Interim Notification to Superintendent-Form A (no date)
JHB-E2: Truancy Referral Form-Form B (1984)
JHB-E3: Student Unexcused Absence Record-Form C (no date)
JHFD: Student Automobile Use (4/13/11)
JHFD-E1: Student Driver Request-Registration Form (4/13/11)
JHFD-E2: Parent/Guardian Permission for Transportation by Private Vehicle, Waiver, Release and Agreement to Hold Harmless (4/13/11)
JIC: Student Conduct (1/20/87)
JICA: Student Dress (9/11/02)
JICA-R: Student Dress-Guidelines (9/11/02)
JICE: Student Publications (8/21/84)
JICH: Chemical Abuse Policy (5/9/07)
JICIA: Weapons, Violence and School Safety(1/10/18)
JICK: Bullying (1/11/17)
JICK-R: Bullying-Administrative Procedure (1/11/17)
JICK-E1: Bullying Report Form (2/13/13)
JICK E2: Bullying & Cyberbullying Responding Form (1/2017)
JICK-E3: Bullying Documentation (2/13/13)
JICK-E4: Bullying & Cyberbullying Flowchart (7/2017)
JJE: Student Fundraising Activities (4/8/09)

JJE-E: Student Fundraising Activities-Form (no date)
JJIAA: Private School Students-Access to Public School Co-Curricular, Interscholastic and Extracurricular Activities (9/12/12)
JJIAA-E1: Private School Student Application for Participation in Brunswick School Department Co-curricular Activitiess (9/12/12)
JJIAA-E2: Private School Student Application for Participation in Brunswick School Department Extracurricular Activities (9/12/12)
JJID: Student Physicals for School Athletics (7/17/84)
JJIF: Management of Concussions & Other Head Injuries (11/14/12)
JJIF-E: Concussion Information Sheet (11/14/12)
JK: Student Discipline (12/12/12)
JKAA: Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion (10/12/16)
JKAA-R: Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion (10/12/16)
JKAA-E: Incident Report (8/31/10)

JKD: Suspension of Students (12/12/12)
JKE: Expulsion of Students (12/12/12)
JKE-R: Expulsion Guideliness (12/12/12)
JKF: Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities (2/10/10)
JKF-R: Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities-Administrative Procedure (2/10/10)
JKG: Physical Restraint (10/13/10)
JL: Student Wellness (6/14/17)
JLCB: Immunization of Students (5/2017, reviewed 11/2017)
JLCC: Communicable/Infectious Diseases (1/10/18) 
JLCD: Administering Medicines to Students (1/10/18)
JLCDA: Medical Marijuana (3/9/16)
JLDBG: Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities (2/11/09)
JLF: Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (12/12/12)
JRA: Student Records & Information (3/9/11)
JRA-R: Student Education Records and Information-Administrative Procedure (3/9/11)
JRA-E: Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights (FERPA) (3/9/11)

K: SCHOOL, COMMUNITY AND HOME RELATIONS – This section contains policies on parent and community involvement in schools, plus statements on public sector relations with the school district (except for policies concerning education agencies).
KA: Classroom Observation Policy
KA-R: Administrative Procedures for Formal Classroom Observation(2/13/13)
KA-E1: Parent/Provider Request for Classroom Observation (2/13/13)
KBF: Parent Involvement in Title I (10/13/04)

KBF-R: Brunswick Parent Involvement in Title I (10/13/04)
KC: Community Involvement (11/13/96)
KC-R: Brunswick Public School Community Involvement Policy Statement (11/13/96)
KDB: Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Accesss (12/12/12)
KDC: School-Sponsored Recording of Events in Brunswick Schools (4/14/99)
KDDB: Sports and Special Events Media Coverage (8/9/77)
KF: Community Use of School Facilities (2/14/18)
KHB: Paid Advertising (3/23/16)
KHC: Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials (9/18/84)
KLK: Relations with Local Government Authorities (no date)

L: EDUCATION AND AGENCY RELATIONS – This section contains policies on the school district’s relationship with other education agencies, including other school systems, regional or service districts, private schools, colleges and universities, education research organizations, and state and national education agencies.