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Weekly Update – 5/29/19

  Good morning all,   Happy Tuesday. I hope you had a wonderful memorial day! A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to the parade and cheered on out students!!! I am so proud of them for their… Continue Reading →

Weekly Update – 5/22/19

Good morning all,   I hope you are having a wonderful week! We have a great deal of performance/ rehearsal info to go over so I wanted to make sure you are all set for upcoming date. Here are the… Continue Reading →


Good evening all,   I hope you had a wonderful weekend. First, I wanted to congratulate everyone involved in Brunswick City Limits!! A special shout-out goes to Chappy Hall for arranging the Horn parts for the “Pain in the Brass”… Continue Reading →

MBDA Concert Assessment Link

Good morning! Below, please find a link for you to access both recordings of our MBDA concert band assessment as well recordings of our performance. THE RECORDINGS (find the recordings of Fanfare and Allegro, Elegy for a Young American, and… Continue Reading →

March/ April Calendar

Hi all,   I thought that with all that was going on with Disney, MBDA, and such, it might be helpful to have it laid out in a March_April 2019 Calendar, so…here you go 😊   Please let me know… Continue Reading →

Weekly Update – 3/17/19

Good evening all,   Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   I wanted to keep you up to date about this week and everything that is going on. It is a super busy week for a lot of our students so I… Continue Reading →

Senior Spotlight

Good evening all,   I wanted to take a minute and remind parents of Seniors that we are still waiting for them to fill out the “Senior Spotlight” form with us.   I have shared it with all the seniors…. Continue Reading →

More Disney

Good morning all,   Thank you so much for your patience with all the “magic Band” business. Disney apparently doesn’t like to make anything easy.   If you are having trouble with the magic band process, please refer to this:… Continue Reading →


Good evening all, Apparently when I sent this email out (see below…Feb 26th), some people didn’t get it. MANY THANKS to Mrs. Ney and Mrs. Guptill for letting me know!!! I hope this helps and that you had a wonderful… Continue Reading →

District 1 Jazz Festival

Good evening all, Attached, please find the pertinent info for the District 1 Jazz Festival being held NEXT TUESDAY in Sanford. The date is the same as what was on your calendar, only the location has changed. Also, just a… Continue Reading →

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