For Families

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good communication between home and school is often essential in supporting students to be ready to learn and to have a positive school experience.  I encourage you to contact me at any time regarding questions or concerns you have about your child’s education and experience at Brunswick Junior High School.

All students have an Assignment Notebook (ANB).  For most classes, students will record the following in their ANBs:

– What was covered in class

– What, if any, homework (HW) has been assigned

– Upcoming due dates for quizzes, tests, projects or special activities

Most of the students on my caseload have Curriculum Support in my room.  Curriculum Support is designed to provide students with additional help in completing general education classroom assignments.  If all homework (HW) has been completed, I will write “No HW” and initial it.  Please check with your student to ensure he or she has completed assignments as specified.

The ANB may also be used to convey other critical information to you; it is the form of communication we use on a daily basis between home and school.  You may write back in the ANB, but e-mails and phone calls are welcomed, as well.

I look forward to working with you to create a positive learning experience for your child at Brunswick Junior High School.


Rie Larson