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101466 Inkar Female 15 KAZAKHSTAN 220 Acting Skiing Inkar will be 15 and is from Kazakhstan. Her favorite activities are acting lessons because she says it can show her nature, character and feelings in a lesson. In the winter, she likes skiing and ice skating with her family and likes swimming and camping in the summer. She has lots of friends and they like to photograph the landscape and visiting interesting places. She likes to read. Her favorite genres are detective and fantasies. She loves Harry Potter’s world. Her teachers and peers feels she treats everyone with respect
99087 Aviv Male 15 BRAZIL 246 Basketball Jiu Jitso Aviv is very polite and intelligent young man. He loves school and enjoys learning. He also is very active and loves playing sports with his friends. He has a very close group of friends, and they mean a lot to him. He really loves his home and the history of it. He wishes to teach his family all about it. His brother did a similar porgram and he’s dreamed of doing it ever since.
102169 Ines Female 16 BRAZIL 238 Movies Pilates Ines is a 15 year old girl from Brazil that enjoys children, and says she likes how movies and TV can help her see a different perspective of the world. She travels to the beach with her family often and loves the peace of the ocean. She enjoys the balance she has learned from Pilates and enjoys all types of music.
101191 Leo Cartaxo Male 16 BRAZIL ? Soccer Biking Leo is a very responsible, curious, and outgoing person.  He wants to share his Brazilian culture with his host family and American friends, while experiencing theirs.  He says he likes to make people feel happy when they are around him, and describes himself as calm and easy-going.  He is active in soccer and biking, and also likes to watch movies and sitcoms.  He also loves music, and friends ask him to share his music lists of favorites.  He will be in 12th grade.
100052 Fernando Male 15 BRAZIL 242 Swimming Music Fernando is a talented young man. He enjoys sports, hanging out with his friends and family time. He admits he’s a tad shy at first but loves getting to know people so he can step away from his shyness. He hopes for a great life experience in America and become completely fluent in english.
100827 Bruno Male BRAZIL Bruno is 17 from Brazil. He is hoping he can live and study in Michigan. He’s played volleyball for about 5 years. His dad taught him how to play. In addition to his school volleyball, he enjoys beach volleyball and started practicing it about 3 years ago. He also has played tennis since he was 8 years old. Lastly, he’s been enjoying swimming alone or with others. He’s looking forward to learning and understanding the differences between his country and the US.
102087 Davi Male BRAZIL Davi is 16 from Brazil. He is hoping to live in Michigan for his exchange year. He will arrive mid to late August. He will be a senior. He likes basketball. His friends introduced him to this sport and now practices more and more. He has also been practicing martial arts for 8 years and has earned a brown belt. He also plays and enjoys ping pong and tennis. His interviewer feels that he is mature, organized and has common sense. In his letter he says he prefers the cold! (#102087)
100197 Adriana Female BRAZIL Adriana is 15 years old from Brazil who is in 11 grades and she is an A student with a 265 Eltis score. She has an older sister in college. She is a vegetarian. She said yes to would attend church. She talked a lot about reading and the kinds of books she likes fantasy and more mature books. She practices painting and her favorite is watercolor. She takes drawing lessons weekly. She loves filmmaking and the arts. She is talkative and social but still a calm person. She likes to meet new people
100553 Alejandro Male BRAZIL Alejandro is 15 years old and from Brazil. He Eltis is a 230 and he is an A student. He has been playing volleyball for 10 years and he is a lifter an loves sports and trains every day for 2 hours. He made the Sieve team when he was 13 years old and he entered the Olympic Center for Training and Research. He plays guitar and drums. He has a dog and walks him almost every day. He is quoting as saying in his bio, “I am a bit boring to eat, I do not eat very well, like more bullshit than food.” He has an S by his name meaning he has to watch his diet due to high Cholesterol.
100688 Jinyu Male 16 CHINA 224 Model Airplanes Basketball Jinyu is a 16 yr old young man from China. Jinyu likes to practice model airplanes. He even participates in aeromodel competitions. He also enjoys playing basketball. He likes to practice after school with his friends. He says that everyday he spends a few hours practicing the piano. Although he did not pursue the piano, he has found it is one of his most relaxing moments every day. He often travels with his family during the holidays and enjoys the happy time during the travelling. Jinyu says “he can’t wait to learn about America and join your family”.#100688
100687 Liu Female 15 CHINA 222 Outdoor activiites DIY crafts Liu goes by the name Mumei. Mumei is an active and easygoing girl. She loves to cook and loves to try different foods. She likes outdoor activities, such as climbing mountains or hiking. Mumei also enjoys singing and even entered a singing competition at her school. Mumei enjoys photography, painting and listening to all kinds of music. She is excited to be ‘your real daughter and be part of her new American family.’
97270 HAORAN Male 17 CHINA 215 Piano Bicycle Haoran is a 17 year old boy from China that loves to play the piano. He began playing at the age of 5 and I am happy that I have stuck to my practices through these years. He also enjoys riding bicycle and rides in a local park almost every day and he did a 65 mile ride once. Badminton and hiking are additional sports he enjoys that have helped to give meaning to his life.
97266 HAIQI Female 16 CHINA 230 Reading Instrament Haiqi is a 16 year old girl from China. She appreciates the delight and knowledge she gets from reading books and poetry as they let her imagine the past and the future and considers them her “royal friends”. She enjoys music and likes to listen to piano compositions. Her pastime is playing the Chinese lute, a four string instrument. And when she has time she enjoys a good movie.
97301 AIRUI Female CHINA Airui is a 15-year-old female from China. She has a 221 Eltis score and is an A student. She takes Violin lessons and is in the orchestra. Sometimes she spends the whole day playing the violin. She has been playing the Violin for 10 years. She also in a training club for swimming until she went into middle school. She likes to cook and says she can cook Chinese food. Every month she reads a novel in English.
101964 Leona Female 16 CZECH REPUBLIC 220 DIY crafts Painting & Drawing Leona is very open, positive, talkative and mature young girl. She is into arts and music, she loves the DIY projects and likes to do any type of manual/art related work. She is highly academically focused and she loves to study and read. She likes psychology, going to theater, traveling and getting to know other cultures and habits. She is also active with volunteering.
95844 Jakub Male 16 CZECH REPUBLIC 226 Reading Biking Jakub is a 17 year old male from Czech Republic that enjoys reading in English, Czech and Polish to relax and to extend his vocabulary. He enjoys time spend with family and friends doing sports, playing games or discussing all sort of topics. For sports he enjoys biking and playing football. He weaves music into his life during study or relaxation.
95835 Lucie Female 16 CZECH REPUBLIC Scouting Playing guitar Lucie describes her life as ‘colorful.’ She has many hobbies and a very active life. Aside from being involved in scouting, drawing, singing and playing the guitar, Lucie enjoys fencing. She practices wood fencing; wooden swords covered with soft material. Her newest hobby is walking on the slackline. She greatly enjoys this and wants to teach others to do this! In the winter she goes cross country skiing. Loretta teaches young children to ski as well. Lastly, Loretta loves nature and animals. She is fascinated by how it all works and for that reason has a big interest in biology.
95991 Helena Female 16 CZECH REPUBLIC 233 Singing Photography Helena is a 16 year old girl from Czech Republic that enjoys taking part in chorus and does solos and occasionally plays the drums. She also like taking pictures of people and nature and finds them the best presents to give. She also enjoys reading and outdoor activities like running, skiing and swimming.
93325 Arthur Frederik Male DENMARK Arthur, 15, from Denmark has played basketball for four years. He has also had a part-time job working in a small café for over a year, working 3 days a week. In addition to playing basketball, he likes to cook and really loves trying different foods. He also enjoys playing videogames with friends when he has the time. Bitten by a dog when he was little, he cannot live with pets. He also has dyslexia but is an excellent student and very committed to his academics.
100036 Kilian Male 16 GERMANY 233 Fishing Video Games Kilian is a 16 year old boy from Germany. He enjoys fishing and says his largest catch was about 70 centemeters. He enjoys team sports and spending time with his friemds. He longboards in the summer when possible. Kilian has a younger sister and young cousins that he enjoys spending time with them. He is looking forward to doing new things with his American family.
92123 Kerim Male 16 GERMANY 242 Gymanstics Skiing Kerim is a 16 year old boy from Germany. He is a Gymnist and trains every day. He has participated in many competitions. He enjoys Parkour, skiing in the Alps with his family, and computer programing. He has a younger brother.He is described as “communicative and open minded”,
97226 Leon Sinan Male 16 GERMANY 233 Watching TV Meet Friends Leon is a big outdoor fan, he loves being outside and enjoys nature. He is also quite sporty and has tried several sports such as swimming, climbing and currently is in the basketball team of his high school. Leon’s mom is from Turkey and his dad is from Germany. So he can share two different cultures with his host family. Leon decided to be an exchange student because he is very interested in the country, the people and it’s school system. Leon loves traveling and is very happy that Ihe gets to come to the USA.
99079 Marco Jahn Male GERMANY Marco is 16 from Germany. Marco really enjoys handball and going to the gym. He spends a lot of his spare time with sports. He shared that he likes listening to music a lot and listening to different types. He likes going out with friends almost every day. They like to go to the mall, the lake, playing sports, listening to music and playing video games. He likes watching movies and TV series also. His interviewer shares, “Marco is really into the USA and looking forward to his high School year, he is eager to get to know the American people, the country, the school system and the American school spirit. I can highly recommend Marco for the program.” #99079
102218 Laurie Female 15 HONG KONG 230 Figure skating Chinese dance Laurie from Hong Kong is an excellent student who will be entering 10th grade.  She has been figure skating for eleven years and enjoys skating with her friends during the holidays.  She is active in Chinese dancing, cooking, and reading.  She considers herself a responsible person and wants to “try the feelings of living with a new family and a new environment”.  Laurie says the only way to be happy is to feel grateful for everything you have.
102522 Ka Nam Matthew Male 15 HONG KONG 220 Listening to music piano Ka is a 15 year old boy from Hong Kong. He loves listening to music and playing the piano. He says he enjoys all sports but Basketball is his favorite beacuse he loves the NBA. Ka’s father is a Christian minister so church is a large part of his life. He is very excited to learn about American culture and meet his American family.
102147 Man Kit Male HONG KONG Man Kit (who goes by Nigel) is 17 years old and from Hong Kong. He will be a senior this year and an A student. His favorite subject is science and he wants to be a pharmacist or biologist when he grows up. His favorite passtime is watching movies and TV, he loves science fiction and reality shows. He is really into UFOs and aliens and enjoys learning more about that subject. He has a good English score and speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese. He has no allergies or diet restrictions and likes young children. He would attend church with his host family (although he lists no religion).
101479 Man Sen Male HONG KONG Man Sen is from Hong Kong and will be entering the 10th grade. His favorite interest is playing the violin and has been playing since primary. He also likes basketball, keeping up with technology and watching films. His interviewer shares that although young, he seems to be quite mature in the way he talks and how he presents himself even though on the quiet side. He is honest that he is not comfortable around younger children even though he has a younger sister at home. He is looking forward to challenging himself because he does not want to become an ordinary person but to complete his dream and become extraordinary. #101479
102740 Ayu Female INDONESIA Ayu, 16, from Indonesia is a YES scholarship student who loves dance and performing. She dances on a team and also enjoys drama. She says “Saman dance is Aceh local dance and it very famous in Indonesia. It’s really need teamwork. My friends and I also really like to teach our junior about Saman dance because they are our regeneration dance team. We always think if we show, teach and learn many varians of Saman dance we are participate to preserve our culture. Our way to keep and introduce our culture.” Ayu also likes to play cards and read novels in her free time, as well as cooking and swimming.
98737 Lorenzo Female 16 ITALY 238 Basketball Snowboarding Lorenzo is 16 years old and he is a cheerful boy, sociable and ready to have new experiences. He likes doing a lot of activities like playing and watching sports, watching movies and TV series, hanging out with my friends, playing at the video games, going to the mountains and the beach. Since when he was a child, he has been playing basketball and he loves it very much.
He plays basketball and trains three times a week and on teh weekends. With his friends he often plays soccers. He has decided to do this experience in the USA because this has been Lorenzo’s childhood dream.
99040 Giorgia Female 17 ITALY 238 Reading Traveling Giorgia is a 17 year old girl from Italy. She is a fan of adventure and thriller literature as they keep you guessing what plot will unfold as the story progresses. She also enjoys traveling with her family and she has looked forward to traveling to American and to be a part of an American family. For activity she has enjoyed swimming for years and for social time she enjoys classical older movies like Casablanca.
97857 Alice Female 16 ITALY 242 Reading Music Alice is the ideal canidate for this opportunity. She loves school and learning adn is eager to learn everything she can about american culture. She has very strong family values and hopes to be very close to her host family and american friends. She loves trying new things, and has enjoyed traveling, trying things from different cultures. She imagines america like the movies and cannot wait to see if it’s true. She wishes to gain a life experience from this trip, one that will help shape her future.
99057 Loretta Lisa Female 16 ITALY 242 Singing Drawing Loretta loves her name, because it the same name as one of her favorite country singers, Loretta Lynn. Loretta describes herself as a non-sporty person. She prefers reading sci-fi and fantasy books, drawing manga characters, reading manga and marvel comics. She also sings in a choir and loves all types of music. Writing novels is her biggest passion. She likes to imagine new worlds where she has an alter ego having countless adventures. Her experience here will give her endless sources of inspiration. As every good Italian Loretta loves good food looks forward to cook some for her American family.
102885 Linda Female 16 ITALY 215 Tennis Summer Camps with children PLACED Linda is polite, easy going, spontaneous and lively girl. Linda has always been fascinated by the USA and when she heard the experience of a friend who has spent there a school year she got even more excited about this opportunity. She is is quite an active girl, her main interest outside school is playing tennis, spending time with friends and when possible with family. She is outgoing and friendly though a bit shy at the beginning with new people. She is adaptable to different situations and she gets along well with children. She is a volunteer at her Parish and she is a children’s entertainer during summer camps.
99034 Giorgia Female 17 ITALY 217 Volleyball Cooking Giorgia is a 17 year old girl from Italy. She loves volleyball and has been playing for six years. She recently found a love for cooking and hopes to be as good as her mum and grandmother. For now she is focusing on muffins, pancakes and sweets. Perhaps she can make something for you. Her favorite hobby is photography and she is exploring her talent in that area.
97858 Gabriele Male ITALY Gabriele is a 16 yr old from Italy. He shares that his favorite activity outside school is flying with airplanes. He has been studying to become an ultralight pilot. He is hoping to become an airline pilot in the future. He has also played drums for 8 years. He enjoys playing in a jazz and a rock band. He prefers rock. In the winter, in his village, he says it snows a lot and likes to go skiing. For the last few years, he’s been playing basketball. He likes to get together with friends and play. His favorite player is Kobe Bryant and favorite team is the LA Lakers.
96640 Hinata Female 16 JAPAN 218 Music Tennis Hinata is a 16 year old girl from Japan that shares that music and songs make her happy! She actually hopes her new host family will share their favorite artists with her to grow her appreciation. For sports she enjoys tennis and looks forward to learning different sports in America. In her spare time she reads and enjoys Detective Conan anime.
97232 Hina Female 17 JAPAN 216 Photography Cooking Hina is a 17 year old girl from Japan that is egger to use her new camera taking pictures during her stay with you. She has a dog that is her subject of much of her work and she improves her skill. She loves to cook dinner for her family and she has perfected “gratin potatoes” for them. She likes sweets too like cakes and cookies. She is fond of music and recently added Jazz to her listening and reading mystery and fantasy novels. Many in English.
100048 Chiaki Female JAPAN Chiaki is 16 years old and from Japan. She is a bright young girl who likes school and is academically driven. She is a member of the school choir, plays the piano, and is passionate about music. She is a looking forward to her time in America to improve her English and to get a better understanding of other cultures. She hopes to share Japanese culture with others, and hopes to find her passion, to better understand what she wants to study in university.
98590 Rina Female JAPAN Man Kit (who goes by Nigel) is 17 years old and from Hong Kong.  He will be a senior this year and an A student.  His favorite subject is science and he wants to be a pharmacist or biologist when he grows up.  His favorite passtime is watching movies and TV, he loves science fiction and reality shows.  He is really into UFOs and aliens and enjoys learning more about that subject.  He has a good English score and speaks both
95426 Ririka Female JAPAN Man Kit (who goes by Nigel) is 17 years old and from Hong Kong.  He will be a senior this year and an A student.  His favorite subject is science and he wants to be a pharmacist or biologist when he grows up.  His favorite passtime is watching movies and TV, he loves science fiction and reality shows.  He is really into UFOs and aliens and enjoys learning more about that subject.  He has a good English score and speaks both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.  He has no allergies or diet restrictions and likes young children.  He would attend church with his host family (although he lists no religion).
102892 Fedor Male KAZAKHSTAN Fedor is a FLEX scholarship recipient from Kazakhstan and will be attending the 10th grade during his stay in the US. He loves active games but his most favorite is basketball. He loves when they have basketball during PE. In his free time, he reads journals or books, listens to music and plays and talks with friends. He also is interested in taking pictures and shooting videos on his DSLR camera. In addition to the English language, he enjoys learning a programming language called Python. He has an A GPA and his inerviewer shared that he is a born leader.
102896 Angelina Female KAZAKHSTAN Angelina from Kazakhstan is a 17 year-old FLEX scholarship student and really enjoys writing for her school newspaper. She spends her free time reading and learning foreign languages. One interesting thing about her is that she really wants to learn about baseball while she is in the United States next year. She says it is a “very active and exciting game because you work in a team, everyone is trying to do his own task and all the tasks finally become a common result. This is very interesting.”
102894 Botagoz Female KAZAKHSTAN Botagoz is a FLEX scolarship recipient from Kazakhstan. She is 16 years old. She shares, “There is one activity that makes me feel happy and free at the same time. When I take my special pencil and start to draw my favorite idols, it seems to me that the whole world stops for a while. ” Sometimes she tries to cook something by herself but confesses that she usuallly needs help from her friend. She really wants to learn. Other joys are belonging to her English Club and singing with her friends.
101467 Adil Male KYRGYZSTAN Adil is 15 and from Kyrgyzstan with a 209 Eltis score. He has an 18 and 7-year-old sisters and lives with his mom and dad. He is an A student and an Olympiad student at the school. He participated in the International Festival of Language and Culture as a dancer. He plays basketball on a team and loves sports and he wants to learn more about American football. In school, he has won awards in programming, math, and Rusian Language. He wants to study something in technology and maybe be a programmer. He has a beautiful smile.
101457 Belekali Male KYRGYZSTAN Belekali from Kyrgyzstan is 17 and loves volunteering! He says “Volunteering is my favorite activity because every day you see and learn new things. You may learn all you don’t know. And from volunteering I learned all I didn’t know. You can take and exchange experience with other pupils. This activity give my unusual power.” He also likes sports: tennis, basketball, and volleyball specifically. He reads before going to bed at night, is an excellent student, and plays the Kyrgyz national musical instrument, the komuz. Finally, he has participated in many different competitions, seminars, and conferences and has won many prizes for competing.
102994 Goda Female 17 LITHUANIA 230 Volunteering Camping Goda is a 17 year old female FLEX student from Lithuania. Her passion is volunteering and sharing her creativity with her volunteer team and those she is helping. She feels it has helped to define who she is today. She also enjoys camping, various sports and beach volleyball and badminton. She has also found expression in her drawing Goda is anxious to meet her new American family..
102436 Ahmed Male MONTENEGRO Ahmed is 16 from Montenegro. He has earned a FLEX scholarship for this next exchange season. He comes from a large family. He enjoys spending his time giving back to his community. He does fundraising projects to help the poor and orphans and helps to clean his town. He loves sports especially skiing. He also enjoys Judo. He has been described as a positive influence and a caring and understandable leader of his group.
102438 Anastasija Female MONTENEGRO Anastasija 16 a Flex student from Montenegro who lives with her mom and dad and she has on older brother and a cat and dog. She loves to volunteer for the Red cross.
She is passionate about art and loves drawing and taking photographs. She loves literature and reads a lot. She has done presentations for student parliament or I am working on organizing some activities for NGO. She says, “I believe volunteering in this community is very important for our society because it encourages helping other who need it the most. I love this activity because I am always learning new things and I can use my knowledge to do something for other people. Also, it brings people together and helps me grow as a person.”. She is hardworking, friendly, respectful and she is ready to help and to cooperate with other. She speaks English fluently and is always willing to improve her knowledge, to learn, to be a better person.
96386 Bas Male NETHERLANDS Bas, 17, from the Netherlands loves to be active, especially playing football (soccer), windsurfing, snowboarding, skiing, and socializing with his friends. He is very family-oriented and has a goo relationship with both his parents and his younger sister but cannot live with pets due to allergies to both dogs and cats. Bas enjoys school and plans to study International Business Management in college after his exchange program. Finally, he would like to be placed on the west coast or in Hawaii if it is possible.
102430 Hamza Male 16 PAKISTAN 238 Gutar Computer Games Hamza is a 16 year old male on the YES program from Pakaistan. He owns 2 guitars and is very fond of music. He is especially fond of his Spanish guitar. In his free time he like to play computer games and is ranked 4th in a group of 3,000. He also enjoys reading and drawing. He is really looking forward to his year in America.
102999 Kimbian Male PHILIPPINES 257 Writing Cooking Kimbian is a YES Grant student recipient who comes from the Philippines. He shares that one of his favorite activity is writing for the school paper and has been involved since elementary school. He tells us that he gets great motivation from his mom who is a school paper advisor. At home, he likes experimenting with cooking and says it has become his passion. He plays chess and board games because he says it helps his think. Lastly, he says he love surfing the net and playing computers
102669 Klaudia Female 16 POLAND 265 Journalism Writing Klaudia is a 16 year old girl. She is a Grant student from Poland. She is a writer and has even had her work published in loacl and school papers. Klaudia writes poetry and music also and hopes to be a journalist one day. Her talents extend to the guitar and singing. She has several pets and is tasked with caring for her cat as well as assisting with many other chores at home. Klaudia has Spina Bifida and utilizes a wheelchare for mobility. She is a vegitarian.
98439 JAEHYUN Male 15 SOUTH KOREA 226 Basketball Computer games Jaehyun is 15 and from South Korea. He really enjoys playing basketball and plays on his class team. He enjoys the competition and being able to contribute to the team. He says that in his country, computer games is the most popular hobby among students. He says he is not very good at it but enjoys playing with friends. There is not any specific genre that he likes but he does prefer watching SciFi movies when going to the movies. He likes playing chess and was played chess competition before. He is hoping to play it still in America with his future host family
98442 SONGHEON Male 15 SOUTH KOREA 238 Piano Badminton Songheon is a very smart young boy. He does not have much travel experience but he has always dreamed of it. He really hopes to learn about the american culture and teach his host family about his own, which he has a lot of pride in.
101737 JAEYOUN Male 16 SOUTH KOREA 238 Soccer Music Jaeyoun is a 16 year old boy from South Korea that enjoys to play and watch soccer. On weekends he wiil watch matches with family or friends. He is fond of pop songs and their lyrics. He enjoys visiting new places in foreign countries with his parents and is really looking for to learning the culture of America.
98434 DAWIT Male SOUTH KOREA Dawit is 15 and from South Korea. He loves to watch soccer and play basketball. After classes, he likes to play basketball. He is a part of his orchestra and plays the violin and loves the sound. He likes to go to the gym and play ping pong or badminton with his father. He was a scout in elementary school. The interviewer shared that he is a smart student and although shy in the beginning, he soon adapted to the mood and spoke more smoothly. (#98434)
93258 Naroa Female 15 SPAIN 246 Ballet Skiing Naroa is a very polite and sociable young girl. She is an experienced traveler and loves to learn about new cultures. She participates in ballot five times a week and loves expressing herself with dance. She hopes to come to the US to learn about our culture, especially our dancing sytle.
92977 Adria Male 15 SPAIN 300 Basketball Soccer Pitchayes goes by Pete, and is a very smart young man. He enjoys almost everything about computers. He also has a very close family and group of friends. He has never been to America, but he has tried to learn everything he can about it. He is really looking forward to the great education system, and even hopes to go to college and maybe live in America. He want’s to learn much about his host families culture and even bring some of his own to their home.
100557 Ana Female SPAIN Placed
97672 Karl William Male 17 SWEDEN N/A Skiing Sailing PENDING – Like most boys, Karl is ennergetic and loves adventure. He enjoys trying new sports and traveling with his family. He hopes that going to america will be another adventure for him and be a once in a life time experience. He is a very smart boy and looks forward to learning in an American highschool.
97014 Lars Axel Linus Male 16 SWEDEN N/A Spending time with friends Spending time with family “Linus” is very sporty, favorites being soccer, running, and table tennis. He describes himself as the leader of the team but can step aside when it’s needed. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends. They play games, eat dinners together, and just spend time together. He has dreamed of coming to the U.S. as an exchange student since the day he heard it was possible so that he can “experience a regular American life, see a different culture, and, of course, learn the language”.  He is an excellent student who will be entering 10th grade.
94593 Clara Elsa Female SWEDEN PENDING – Clara is 16 years old and from Sweden. She is happy and outgoing and loves to be surrounded by people. She likes to be active and is passionate about dance. She loves all different styles of dance and enjoys the music and movement. Clara stays active with running and yoga, and loves to listen to podcasts in her downtime. Clara is allergic to animals with fur, but could live in a home with outdoor pets. Clara wants to be a lawyer and dreams of studying at Harvard. She believes her exchange year will be a great opportunity to meet new people, get to know a new and different culture, and to share her Swedish culture with others.
94215 LI TING Female 15 TAIWAN 217 Reading Cooking Li Ting goes by Christine, and she is a very nice and polite young girl. She comes from a large family and loves having a close family. She has ambitions of becoming a doctor some day. She dreams of helping everyone she can. She has never traveled to America before and knows that it will be an amazing expereince. She wants to see what it is like on the other side fo the world.
98392 CHING YUAN Female TAIWAN Ching is 15 and from Taiwan. Unfortunately, she is very afraid of dogs and will need a host family without dogs. She does love to dance and goes to a dancing class a few times a week. Her mom told her she needs to exercise but said she does not want to jog so she choose badminton and although she did not enjoy at first, she now thanks her mom for the suggestion. She says she sings everywhere – riding bicycle, waiting for the bus, etc. Sometimes she’ll do handcrafts like cards. She likes to draw too so when she has time, she can work on a card for a friend’s birthday. #98392
102317 Eraj Male TAJIKISTAN Eraj is a FLEX Grant student recipient and is 17 from Tajikistan. He enjoys school and doing projects at school. He also likes to read books, solve math problems and play intellectual games. Another hobby is swimming or sightseeing. He enjoys going to historical places, museums, art galleries or even a circus bcause he finds them interesting. His teacher shares that he comes to class well-prepared and participates. He is looking forward to pursueing his studies abroad and to expand his knowledge in order to come back to his country and share his experience with others.
99026 Kiattisak Male 15 THAILAND 212 Gardening Badmiton Kianttisak is a 15 year old boy from Thailand but you can call him “Ta”. Ta’s favorite activity is gardening and Horticulture. He helps care for his 2 younger brothers and is the oresident of his class at school. He loves to help people and would like to be a Foreign  Ambassador when he grows up.
93016 Kittipich Male 15 THAILAND 214 Photography Movies Kittipich is a 15 year old boy from Thailand. You can call him “Ham”. He has a younger sister. Ham enjoys math and psychology. He plays chess with his friends and is learning Japanese as well as English. He likes photography and is looking forward to being a part of your family.
101474 Karn Male 15 THAILAND 214 Swimming Drawing and painting Karn is a 15 year old boy from Thailand. His Western name is “Bacon”. He is one of 4 children and has 1 older brother and 2 younger. Bacon has played the piano from a young age and plays chess during his breaks at school. He has a broad range of interests including swimming and model airplanes. He is looking forward to being a part of an American family and meeting new friends.
93008 Nasak Male 16 THAILAND 239 Video Games Traveling Nasak, whom goes by Tata is a very smart young man. He is very studious and knows the importance of a good education. He hopes to take advantage of the good education in America. He loves animals and has aspirations of possibly becoming a vet. Tata hopes to learn about our relatively new culture compared to the ancient history of Thailand.
93012 Kamonthat Female 15 THAILAND 212 Walking Cycling Kamonthat is a 15 year old girl from Thailand. She says you can call her “Guitar”. She enjoys walking, cycling, Guitar has a twin brother. She likes American music and love photography. She keeps albums of all her photos. She enjoys her family and lives close to her grandparents. Guitar has studed both English and Chinese from a young age. She is looking forward to becoming part of an American family.
102797 Deniz Male TURKEY Deniz says that he is already an uncle as his two sisters already have babies. He loves spending time with his sisters and their children. He likes to play games with the kids. He spends a lot of time with his family. Sports is another favorite for Deniz. He likes soccer, wether it be talking about it or playing it and also basketball. He likes to watch the NBA. Listening to music or watching American TV shows is a great way for him to pass time in the evenings. His favorite shows are Prison Break and Game of Thones. He likes to watch them in English to help improve. His favorite type of music is metal and rock, but on occasion he will listen to hip-hop. Deniz also enjoys playing video games with his friends. He hopes to one day go to a technical university and then raise a family. Deniz says “toodle, see you in the USA!”.
102796 Semih Male TURKEY
102321 Haviza Female 16 TURKMENISTAN 205 Languages Volunteer Maviza is a 16 year old girl on the FLEX program from Turmenistan. Her favorite activity has been learning new languages. She has studied English for 7.5 years and is now working on French. She is a volunteer with the Red Cross and she shares that she loves to dance. In her future she wants to study medicine and hopes to be able to help people take care of their health.
102319 Annamenli Female TURKMENISTAN N/A – Pending LC
102311 Azim Male TURKMENISTAN Azim is 17 from Turkmenistan. One of his favorite activities is gardening. He likes the biology and observing the plants in his garden, digging in the garden and watching them grow. He enjoys studying computer programs with his friends and making presentations. He also likes going to parks and playing board games like Taboo or Monopoly with friends. A teacher’s reference shared that he is an exceptionally motivated and talented student. (#102311)
102987 Darya Female UKRAINE Darya is a FLEX Grant student from Ukraine. She is 15 years old and goes by Dasha. She is a brilliant student, she studies hard, and wants to be an English Teacher. She has been studying English for 10 years and has also added French and Russian to her studies. Dasha is active, enjoying outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and cycling. She has also taken up rollerblading and is part of a team. Dasha also loves to read and draw, and even makes jewelry when she has time. Dasha hopes to share her Ukrainian culture with others, though songs, dance, and even food. She wants to learn from America, through culture and politics, to return to Ukraine with knowledge and experience that can benefit her homeland.
102982 Denys Male UKRAINE Denys is 16 and says that his favorite activity is playing basketball. He says that when he and his teammates play, they have the chance to get rid of negative energies that acrue during school and studying. He also likes the team work and cooperation that is required and says that sometimes one player has to sacrifice himself so that a team mate can score. Along with basketball, Denys likes to play the guitar, draw, and on occasion play video games and listen to music. He says that he is a responsible, well-tempered person and rather modest and calm. And also that he has a good sense of humor. He likes Ice-skating, swimming and other activities too.
102983 Adel Female UKRAINE Adel is from Ukraine and is in 9th grade with a 212 Eltis. She is an excellent student and has won awards in Chemistry and Science. She plays baseball and took first place at her baseball camp she attended. She is a senior student council member and demonstrates leadership abilities and has critical thinking. Adel cares a great deal about other people. She was a generator of ideas and an active participant in the social project “Give your Heart to Orphans” in Melitopol social and psychological rehabilitation center for children. She has been singing her whole life and is in the school choir. She points out she loves God and wants to serve him.
102325 Hai Minh Male 15 VIETNAM 214 Soccer Reading Hai Minh is a 15 year old boy for Vietnam. He has played soccer since he was 6 enjoys playing with friends a couple of times a week. At night he likes to finish his day reading a good book. Something that his mother shares with him and she has given him many interesting books to read. He has taken up swimming for its overall benefits to good health for breathing and building strong muscles.