Research and Reference

Research and Reference

A)   First steps / Methodology

First, gather what you’ll need:

  • the assignment folder for your work
  • note-taking cards or paper
  • a data disk
  • citation forms 
  • colored pens, pencils, crayons.

Now you’re ready to start…

      1)   Identify your topic; what do you already know?  Write it down.

                          What questions do you need to answer?

      2)   Where can you look for the information you need? Make a list.


3)    Locate and write down information:Use our library–use the automated catalog, browse the shelves, use
encyclopedias, magazines
Use other libraries–Curtis Memorial Library, etc.Look for magazine articles in MARVEL Use other local sources–the Pejebscot Historical Society, Bowdoin College, Maine State Library, etc

      Use the Internet (see USING THE INTERNET FOR RESEARCH)

     4) Take notes–keep track of your research, write down citations as you use them

     5) Write out your rough draft / sloppy copy

     6) Edit, rewrite, Final draft

     7)  Presentation

     8)  Evaluate–what worked well, what didn’t; which resources were helpful? What could you do differently next time?


  The Internet can be a wonderful source of information, but it is often a mess of useless, inaccurate, outdated, disorganized information. Use safe sites–check out the accuracy and authority of any site you use–before you waste time on it (URL’s with .edu denote an education site;  .gov denotes a government site–both of which are more likely to be accurate and reliable. And check out the links below.


Check out the Brunswick Elementary sheet for EVALUATING WEB SITES

(developed by the Flemington-Raritan
School District)


How to tell if you are looking at a great web site?



Remember that you CANNOT copy what you find on
someone’s Web Page word for word! It is called plagiarism, and it is illegal to
copy someone’s work without their permission. Below are some links to help you decide what you can use from the Internet, and how.

What is plagiarism?  (READ THIS)

Keeping it Legal:
Questions Arising out of Web Site Management by Jamie McKenzie (From Now On)

D) Other Sources

On-Line Reference Sources


     (scroll down once you get to the page)


 Curtis Library


Internet search directories that provide appropriate web links for kids.


Kids Internet Public Library

MARVEL Magazine Index-Primary Search


Here is a  Sample Bibliography and the papers used in library class to help you learn how to set up your bibliography in fourth grade.

How to Cite a Source

Sample Bibliography Format.3.12


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