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Welcome to the Library

April is National Poetry Month! Continue reading

Maine Map

Also on the map board, we are paying special attention to the five contemporary Wabanaki communities in Maine, though all of Maine was once Wabanaki territory, and Wabanaki people today live all through the state, as well as all around … Continue reading

Aristotle’s Observations

Aristotle, the library’s resident observer and keeper of wisdom keeps a keen eye on the library! Lately, he’s been watching…     2nd grade studying the “Fantasy” genre (bright green label) and reading The Clever Stick (FANT  E  LEC). 3rd … Continue reading

Book Awards

Maine State Chickadee Award This year, the 2nd and 3rd grade classes read all ten of the books nominated for the Maine Chickadee Award and voted on which one we want to see win! We’re still waiting on statewide results, but … Continue reading

Grants to the Library!

  The library sends out a huge thanks to the Elk’s Lodge for their extremely generous gift of  $2,000! Thanks to this gift, the library has new books on energy, space, relationships, cooking, crafts – and lots of just plain … Continue reading


3.18.19 Nipper The Dog, our resident research expert, is busy investigating rocks and minerals. He’s curious about this planet of ours, and the stuff that makes up the ground itself.   Nipper began his studies, naturally, with a trip to … Continue reading

Place of the Moment

Up on the map board, our current Place of the Moment (thanks Atlas Obscura) is… NAMIBIA Namib Sand Sea A desert that rolls right up to the ocean, where it’s so dry animals live off the fog. The beautiful red … Continue reading

Word of the Week

This week, thanks to Merriam-Webster, our Word of the Week is:     scribe  noun (1) \ ˈskrīb  \ Definition of scribe  (Entry 1 of 5) 1: a member of a learned class in ancient Israel through New Testament times studying the Scriptures and … Continue reading