About the Library

Goal:     The goal of the library program is to foster a love of reading, acclimate students to use of the library space, teach fundamentals of research, and ignite the thirst for knowledge that hopefully will stay with students throughout their educational journey. 

Collection:     Our library contains approximately 25,000 materials at this time, including fiction and nonfiction books for students and teachers, a large video collection, and a collection of audiobooks  for classroom use. We also offer magazines, teacher resources, games, puzzles, and a wide selection of reference books.

Schedule:     Our fully automated library is open to all students from 8:50 until 3:30 PM, and to all staff whenever the library doors are open. Each week all 2nd grade classes come to the library to hear stories and find books of interest. During their weekly visit, 3rd graders begin to focus on library skills as well as continuing to hear stories in different genres. 4th & 5th graders continue to work on library skills such as using research and reference materials, the online catalog, and other library resources.

Policies:     Children in grade 2 may take home two books at a time; children in grades 3 through 5 are allowed to borrow three books at a time–with some limitations due to the popularity and wear and tear on some of the books. Books are due one week from checkout, and the due date is stamped inside the book’s cover. With teacher permission, students may come in any morning to exchange a book. Book prices continue to skyrocket, so please help us stress good book care. Here are a few hints to pass on to your child:

Take library books home before playing outside.

At home, find a safe place to keep books out of the reach of pets and very small children.

Keep a plastic bag in your backpack at all times to protect library books from rainy weather and leaking juicy or gooey snacks.

It is assumed that you are willing to accept responsibility for the books checked out by your child. If a book has not been returned within a month, or the book is damaged, a bill will be sent home with the student. Until the bill is paid or the book found, your child may continue to use the library, but he or she will not be able to check out another book. If the bill has been paid, and the lost book is found in good condition, please return it to the library and we will refund your money if we have not already replaced the book.

Should your family move before the end of the school year, we would appreciate the prompt return of library books at least five full school days before your child’s last day in class.

We hope this answers any questions you may have regarding library policy on book checkout; if not please feel to call us or write to us. Thank you for your help, and we hope you enjoy spending time reading with your child.

Questions? Email Mrs. O’Connor

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