Nipper The Dog, our resident research expert, is busy investigating rocks and minerals. He’s curious about this planet of ours, and the stuff that makes up the ground itself.  

Nipper began his studies, naturally, with a trip to the library shelves.

The nonfiction section of the library is organized by the Dewey Decimal system – a way of organizing the nonfiction books by the kind of information they contain.

500 – 599 is the the section dedi to natural science and mathematics, so it’s no surprise that that’s where he found Rocks and Minerals by Chris Pellant (549 PEL) and Rocks and Minerals by Tracey Staedter (522 STA), both of which have come in handy!

When the Bowdoin Earth and Oceanographic Science Department heard that Nipper was researching geology, they very generously loaned the library a collection of five study specimens. Nipper is currently looking at…

  1. Beryl
  2. Lepidolite
  3. Sulphur 
  4. Kyanite
  5. Calcite
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