Grants to the Library!

  The library sends out a huge thanks to the Elk’s Lodge for their extremely generous gift of  $2,000! Thanks to this gift, the library has new books on energy, space, relationships, cooking, crafts – and lots of just plain fun books to read!!

We are thrilled to have been selected by the Brunswick Community Education Fund (BCEF) for a grant to build a Wabanaki studies collection. This grant will buy books, objects, and fund visits from tribal historians. Funds from this grant will also allow the library to partner and consult with the  Akomawt Educational Initiative, an indigenous owned organization “dedicated to furthering knowledge of Native America through innovative learning approaches designed to impact how we teach history and contemporary social issues.” 

What’s more, the library is thrilled to be part of a second BCEF grant as well as we partner up with  Ms. Pelletier to create a collection of adaptive books for scholars who engage with literature through picture imagery.

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