Fifth Graders have a way with words

I have been reading Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart to the fifth graders. In the book, the main character Ben enters sweepstakes in an effort to win a grand prize, which could bring a large cash grand prize and help his mom pay back rent owed on their apartment and stave off the looming threat of eviction. Ben’s dad, the primary wage-earner, passed away, and his mom is trying to her earn CPA in order to get a better job than her waitressing gig; she has one last exam to take in order to earn her certificate and take a job at an accounting firm waiting for her. Ben is gifted at writing catchy slogans and has found a new contest from the Royal-T Toilet Paper Company where the winning slogan promises a $10,000 cash prize, enough to pay their rent and fill their mostly-empty fridge. 

As a way to connect the fifth graders to Ben’s way with words, I broke up each fifth grade class into small groups and charged them with creating a slogan for a new bookstore that was opening in the area (the fictitious House of Books). Then each class had to figure out how to present their slogan to the rest of the class. Finally, I had each class judge the slogans of another fifth grade class to find a winner in each class. The winning group got to select a free library activity for their entire class. 

The assignment: 
There is a new bookstore opening called The House of Books and they need a slogan. The hope is that the slogan will stick in people’s minds. In 25 words or less, come up with a slogan. The focus of this project will be: 
Creativity: You will show this by focusing on what makes House of Books different, what sets it apart. 
Relatability: What is your target audience (the other fifth grade classes/readers).
Memorability: Is this slogan one that can be easily remembered and will it stick in people’s minds?

The description of the space: House of Books is a new bookstore. The building is a large, old house. It is located right off a highway and there are no other shops in the immediate area. House of Books has a cafe serving coffee, drinks, baked goods, and sandwiches. There are several reading areas with comfortable seats. The focus of the bookstore is new books and there will be authors visiting and other events held there. Hopefully, it will become a destination for those passing through town and also for local townspeople. 

I was impressed with the level of creativity and level of cooperation exhibited by the groups. A (mostly) fun time was had by all.
The winners from each class: 
House of Books: When You Walk Inside, The Books Come Alive
House of Books: The Place Where Imagination Lives
Get a Hook On Your Book, Come on Down and Take a Look at House of Books
Open Your Eyes and R(adical)E(xtraordinary)A(wesome)D(iscover)!
House of Books: Read It, Eat It, and Enjoy It!
Grab a Bookie, Eat a Cookie at the House of Books
House of Books: Read, Eat, and Repeat 
Get That Coffee, Get That Book at the House of Books

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