First Week!

Well, the first week of school is over and what a week it was! There are so many new faces and names to learn, but it was great to meet the students and to get them all into the library. I still have all of the Monday classes to meet, but I’m impressed with how excited everyone was to be in the library and to get to check out books.

As you might have heard, we have increased the lending limits this year so second graders can check out up to 2 books, and third, fourth, and fifth graders can check out up to 3 books. I felt like I was announcing free candy on the circulation desk when I announced the new lending limits. Pretty excellent!  Second graders didn’t check out books this week, but will start next week after we talk a little more about where everything is in the library and how to care for our books after they leave the library.

I also let the fourth and fifth graders know about the Maine Student Book Award books and program and by the end of the day on Friday, EVERY MSBA book in our library was checked out! 

I look forward to meeting parents at Open House this week and to continuing to work with the students to inspire them to find great books for themselves and to increase their library skills.


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