Looking forward to a great school year!

Hello, everyone! Mrs. O’Connor here and I am beyond thrilled to be joining the HBS team this year. I can’t wait to share all of my favorite books with students and to continue fostering the library love started last year whether at Coffin School with Mrs. Soule or here at HBS. 

Five facts about me:
*I played rugby in college. Because of this, I sported the occasional black eye. I also learned to run fast, “if they can’t catch you, they can’t tackle you!”

*Every summer I read every book on the Maine Student Book Award list. I love to see the great titles that the MSBA committee selects. I look forward to sharing these books with the HBS MSBA Book Club!

*I am a huge baseball fan. Portland is a pretty great place to live when you’re as enthusiastic about baseball as I am; close to the best minor league team, the Sea Dogs, and only two hours from my favorite park, Fenway.

*The first movie that I saw in the theater was Annie, the original one with Aileen Quinn. That spunky orphan was so brave and funny. I cried when she was being chased by her money-hungry uncle and I cheered when she was adopted by Daddy Warbucks. I still think that “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” is a pretty good mantra. 

*I think that graphic novels are the bee’s knees. The first one that captured my attention and transformed my like for reading into a full-blown love for reading was Elf Quest. I was pretty sure that I was part-elf and that if I wished hard enough, my own wolf companion would come and find me even in my suburban neighborhood. Graphic novels combine vocab and illustration and are a phenomenal way to boost reading success and truly stoke that reading fire. 

I can’t wait to meet everyone this year!

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