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Date of the Next Walk/Bike: Friday, May 15th

The next Walk/Bike will be Friday, May 15th.
Volunteers are welcome and needed.


April is National Turn OFF your TV month!

April Bike-Walk picApril is National Turn OFF your TV month! How much TV do you and your family watch daily? Does it exceed the 2 hour of screen time 5-2-1-0 recommendation? April 17-23 is National Turn off your TV WEEK!                

Turn off your TV and tap into your brain:

National TV-Turnoff Week is not about villanizing television, but about making a conscious choice to turn off the TV and tune into other parts of life. It’s an opportunity to rediscover a wide range of activities that are not only fun and entertaining, but that also engage your mind and senses.  Get outside and enjoy the great weather – – take a walk, go for a hike, or play sports.

Staying inside? How about some good old-fashioned game time? Simple toys, when used properly, can help develop complex learning skills. Cognitive skills, like attention, auditory and visual processing, memory and processing speed, are essential tools that help kids become better learners. Research now shows that learning skills can be taught-and therefore improved.  Brain training- like in these games that parents can play with their kids during National Turn Off TV Week and beyond- does for the mind what exercise does for the body. (http://tapinto.net ) Continue reading

April Newsletter/Calendar

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Maine Educational Assessment Schedule

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‘We fund ideas’ – The Brunswick Community Education Foundation

BCEF copy



The Brunswick Community Education Foundation has just received its first round of grant applications, and will soon be distributing money for education
programs in Brunswick schools.

The foundation is an independent organization dedicated to supporting all K-12 students in Brunswick public schools.

“BCEF’s mission is to provide an extra measure of support that can encourage creative spirit and bold experimentation in all of our schools,” according to
the foundation’s website. Click for full Times Record story!

BCEF Website – http://www.brunswickcef.org/

Letter to Harriet Beecher Stowe School Families

Click for follow up letter concerning events in the Brunswick Community on 3/25/15.


Press Release – 03/25/2015

Press Release

The Brunswick Police Department is investigating a report that an unknown male subject may have attempted to lure an 11 year old female into his vehicle in the area of Spring Street and the Harriet Beecher Stowe School.  The incident occurred at approximately 1:30 this afternoon, and the male subject was described as a white male, possibly in his 20’s or 30’s, with curly blonde hair and a beard, driving a white car.  The subject reportedly drove slowly behind, and then next, to the female juvenile and attempted to make conversation before asking her to come closer to his vehicle.  The juvenile declined to approach the vehicle and returned home without incident.  There are currently no charges pending in this investigation.  The incident raises obvious concern in the community, and the Brunswick Police Department is asking anyone who may have witnessed the interaction, or has any other information on this incident, to contact us at 725-5521.   Thank you.

Marc Hagan
Patrol Commander

Letter from Superintendent: Annual State Testing

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Meet in the Middle – Dates Update

Come and see what makes Brunswick Junior High School “A Place for Everyone!”

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Letter from Superintendent: March 2015

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