Garden Volunteering 2016

The BJHS Huskies’ Garden of Eatin’ is looking for summer volunteers to help maintain and harvest the school garden. Gardening experience is not necessary. It requires approximately three to five hours a week, depending on weather conditions and what needs to be harvested.

Maintenance would include watering, weeding and checking for pests.  Any  produce you harvest, you may keep or donate.  Last year, donations were given to Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program, the Tedford Shelter and the Thornton Oaks retirement community.

You can sign up as a coordinator for the whole week or as a helper. As a coordinator, you should volunteer three days in that week. We suggest Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, after 4:00 pm. The time or day can be changed after agreed with the other volunteers. As a helper you need to come only on the days you have signed up for.

Our Wellness Team members will oversee the garden during the  summer, and are happy to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have.

It’s a great opportunity to help support the school garden and to earn community service hours for high school (8th Graders may earn up to 10 hours).

If you are interested in signing up for a week, please follow the link

For further questions, please, contact Radka MacKillop at 208-7098 or

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