Staff Development


The 2013-2014 Brunswick School Department Staff Development Program for teachers is focused on a number of important initiatives to advance and improve both teacher and administrative practices. The following is a brief list of programs, initiatives, and trainings that school department staff will be engaging in throughout the school year.

  • At the elementary level classroom, teachers will be immersed in ongoing training, demonstration lessons, coaching, and instructional strategies related to the new Math in Focus Program. This is year two of a three-year staff development program.
  • At the middle school level, classroom teachers will have training and work on team building by national presenter Jack Breckmeyer. Departments will focus on literacy strategies to support students in better identifying informational texts in the various disciplines.
  • At the high school level, classroom teachers will work on a wide variety of areas by individual departments. These would include: curriculum work, technology, common assessments, work on the Review, Research, and Recommendations as a part of the Curriculum Review Cycle.

In addition, at the district level we have embarked on the journey of examining and rewriting our teacher and administrator evaluation handbooks, procedures, and processes in conjunction with new state teacher evaluation laws. We will implement ongoing and continuous dialogue, collaboration, and best practices in teacher observation to support our teachers in the field, using both formative and summative evaluation protocols. Principals, assistant principals, and department heads will be involved in this process of improving our evaluation practices in order to improve teacher competence and resulting student academic achievement.

In addition, the entire district administrative team will complete a book study of “Visible Learning for Teachers”, by John Hattie

Professional Development Schedule 2013-2014

For more information, contact:
Greg Bartlett
Paul Austin
Cheryl White
John Paige

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