Teacher Resources

The following links offer teachers a variety of resources to assist with their use of technology, as well as, the development of technology rich projects for their instruction of curriculum topics.

Sites for use with Interactive White Boards:

  1. Math Interactives by Glencoe – Grades K-8
  2. Teacher LED – Interactive White Board Resources
  3. Math in Focus at Think Central
  4. Create A Graph
  5. Crick Web
  6. iLearn Technology
  7. Education World
  8. Explore Learning Gizzmos
  9. Sen Teacher
  10. RM Easitech Lessons Online
  11. Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  12. Geometry Interactives
  13. Thinking Blocks
  14. Illuminations Ten Frames
  15. Math Playground

How to Directions

More Technology Resources available at Secondary Integrator Dan Dearing’s website