Helpful How-Tos

PowerSchool: Elementary Teacher Training
PowerSchool: Attendance Retrieval in PowerSchool for Report Cards
PowerSchool: Assessment Directions

Report Cards
Report Cards: Adding Names
Report Cards Unlocking and Printing

How to Encrypt a Word Document
How To save a Word document as an encrypted PDF file on a Windows computer with Office 2010 or higher

How To backup and restore BookMarks and Favorites
How to backup and restore Internet Explorer Favorites on a Windows computer
How to backup and restore Google Chrome bookmarks on a Windows computer

How To play music over HBS Intercom
How to play audio music over the HBS building intercom

RAZ Kids How-Tos
How to change your user name in Raz Kids
To add security to your RAZ-Kids student user accounts

How to Use Images in Word and Power Point
How- To Use Images from Word and PowerPoint

How To clean Up Internet Explorer Web Browser temp files
To clean up Web Browser temporary files in Internet Explorer

How To Create and Edit a Contact Group in Outlook
How to Access and Show Public Folders in Outlook
How To Create and Edit a Contact Group in OutLook

How To convert files to PDF with CutePDF Writer
How to convert documents to PDF file format using CutePDF Writer

How To do a SchoolDude
How to do a SchoolDude

HBS Student Laptop Procedures and usage
HBS student laptop cart procedures
Please be SAFE and handle power cord plugs with care
Please report laptop computer problems below

HBS Gym Audio Visual Equipment Setup How To
HBS Gym Audio Video Equipment Setup Instructions

HBS Copier and Printer How-Tos
How To scan documents to an email address
How To set the default color option for the HBS-ColorCopier
Setting Up Printers and Setting your Default Printer
How To Retrieve Documents from the Color Copier
How To Print to Copier Storage Box
How To add a Printer at HBS and Setting your Default Printer
How to change 2 sided printing to 1 sided printing
How to change the color settings when printing to the HBS Color Copier

Eno IWB Pen Software How Tos
How To Adjust eno IWB pen software settings to use last pen calibration
How To Turn off Automatic check for updates for eno Pen software

HBS Computer Lab
HBS Computer lab Seating Chart
Computer Lab Rules

Dell Latitute Laptop How-Tos
How To Connect PolyVision IWB Pen via BlueTooth
How To Turn off tap to click feature on the TouchPad settings on Dell Latitude 3450 laptop
How To Adjust the TouchPad settings on Dell Latitude 3450 laptop