Typing & Computer Skills

The links below are provided as a means for students to develop and practice basic computing skills necessary to be successful and safe in today’s technology driven culture.  

Learning to Type:
Typing Club – This is my new favorite for older students. Typing club is the first online typing tutorial I’ve found that saves student’s progress from session to session if you create an account. Best of all it’s free!

Grade K-1

  1. Keyboarding Zoo
  2. The Keyboarding Game
  3. Type Rocket Jr

Grade 2-5

  1. Keyboard Challenge
  2. Typing Race
  3. Type Rocket
  4. Dance Mat Typing
  5. Keyboarding Game

Internet Safety for Kids

  1. NetSmartz Kids Cyber Safety
  2. Cyber Five Internet Safety

Computer Vocabulary and Equipment

  1. Find the Technology
  2. Computer Input and Output Devices