Kindergarten Goals

Learning Goals – You Can Help Your Child To Reach

By November Conferences:

  • Write her/his first name
  • Count 10 objects, saying one number for each
  • Make a simple ABAB pattern using real things
  • “Record” a pattern by making a drawing of it
  • “Read Back” a pattern pointing left to right
  • Use pictures and letters for pretend writing
  • Read back his/her writing

By January:

  • Name many letters (when they’re shown out of order)
  • Write many letters
  • Match some letters to their sounds
  • Recite a simple poem
  • Retell a familiar story page by page
  • Use initial letter sounds to write words (“T” for truck)
  • Write his/her name and other words using lowercase letters
  • Recognize many of the numbers 1 – 10 when arranged out of order
  • Make a simple patters using symbols ΔOΔO

By April:

  • Recognize most letters
  • Match most letters to their sounds; use in writing words
  • Write most upper and lowercase letters
  • Write and read many “word wall” words
  • Write first and last name using upper and lowercase letters
  • Write numbers 1 to 10
  • Understand and use the terms more, less and equal
  • Make an ABB ABB  three-part pattern

By June:

  • Have many “concepts about print” – how books work
  • Read a simple repetitive book
  • Write a sentence using “temporary” spelling
  • Read and write most “word wall” words
  • Show an understanding of rhyming, word parts
  • Identify numbers 1 to 25 out of order
  • Write most numbers 1 to 25