Criteria for Referral

Students are usually referred through school districts. They have experienced extensive intervention for behavior and emotional problems and/or are unmotivated and unsuccessful in their present academic placement. The REAL School provides an alternative option when the above situations are remaining unchanged and further intervention is required.

Referral to the REAL School requires:

  • a formal referral by a school district or state agency
  • interviews with parent(s), guardian and student
  • interviews with appropriate school and community workers
  • the review of records, assessments and other information
  • on acceptance, a trial 30 day placement and final review.

If you are considering The REAL School as a placement for a student, please feel free to invite one of our staff members to the referring IEP meeting.

Any school district, DHHS, or DOC may refer a student to The REAL School.
Please contact Martin Mackey at (207)671-8603 or Barbara Gunn at 207-319-1900

Please click here for Referral Form!