Weather-Related School Closings and other Emergency Notices

Decisions about whether or not to close schools (including “late starts” and – rarely – “early releases”) due to weather conditions are made very carefully as we recognize how these changes can negatively impact families, students, staff, afterschool activities, and other schedules.  When making these decisions, we consider many factors – including: current road, sidewalk, and school grounds conditions and predicted weather conditions that could impair safety throughout the day. Decisions are made with input from a variety of sources, including: a contracted meteorologist/weather forecasting service, our facilities and grounds crew members, our transportation team, Brunswick Public Works and other town departments, and our neighboring districts who share programs with Brunswick. We always try hard to make the right call, but it’s an inexact science – even for those who primarily make their livings as meteorologists.  Here are some answers to “frequently asked questions” regarding school cancellations:

  1. Emergency notifications are provided through an external system called SchoolMessenger. Your phone and email information provided on school registration forms is uploaded so that you’ll automatically receive voice and email messages when school is cancelled (or when there are other time-sensitive/emergency messages to share).  Please keep your contact information updated at your child’s school! If you are not receiving messages and would like to… or if you have been receiving messages and wish to be removed from the service. We will be adding an optional SMS texting service as well, and this should be available by the end of this month.
  2. School closings and other emergency notifications are also shared on the following local news TV stations: WCSH, WGME, and WMTW, (all of which offer a text message alert service) as well as on Radio 9 WCME station in Brunswick.
  3. If one of our schools is closed for the day, all district schools will be closed.
  4. If school is closed for the day, or if there is an early release due to weather conditions, all afterschool activities, practices, games, and events are also cancelled.
  5. June 17th-21st are built into our school year calendar as makeup days (based on an average number of projected cancellations). If we have fewer than 5 cancellations, then the last day of school is adjusted to an earlier date. If we have more than 5 cancellations, decisions around makeup days are made by the school board and Department of Education.  
 Always use your own best judgment when it comes to winter driving! A busy morning commute is not the best time for new drivers to practice driving in snowy/icy conditions … Here are some winter driving tips for teens:

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