BJHS Phone System Upgrade

The junior high phone system will be upgraded on Tuesday, November 6th. The process of updating the phone system will require intermittent downtime at the junior high and Coffin during the day, as the hardware is replaced and software is updated and re-configured. This downtime will also affect Coffin School phone services, as it’s phone system is linked to the old system at the junior high, and it must be re-configured for continued service.
The upgrade process will not impact any network operations, such as: email, Internet, printing, or PowerSchool. Phone service in both the junior high and Coffin school buildings will be offline, intermittently, throughout the day. This means that calls to either school may not connect if the system is down at that particular time. If, during this time, you find that you need to make a phone call to the junior high or Coffin, please call the fax number of the respective building’s main office. A phone will be connected to these lines during this time. Please be aware that there is just one fax line at each of the schools’ main offices, so availability may be limited.
The phone system upgrade will begin at 7 AM on November 6th, and is scheduled to be completed by 3 PM.

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