Parent Information on Vaping and Juuling

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

At BJHS, we realize there is a lot of concern about Vaping, also sometimes called Juuling, and we share those concerns.  Like all communities, Brunswick is not immune to our young people exploring this activity and we want to help them make better, informed decisions.  Although we do many things at BJHS to educate our students on the dangers of Vaping, and we have resources in place to help, there is always more that can be done through partnerships with parents and the community.  

Recently, I met with community health members to discuss how we could expand our programming for students and families.  It was a great meeting and we have many ideas that we will be implementing to increase awareness and education.  On Wednesday, February 13th, BJHS and BHS will be providing an overview of our efforts to the School Board.  We will also be sharing our program on our website so parents have a good understanding of what we are doing and how they can help.

As part of our community partnerships, Access Health has shared an overview titled, VAPING:  What You Need to Know And How to Talk With Your Kids About Vaping.  You can find this helpful piece here:

Please be on the lookout for more information on our webpage.  We will send out a message once our comprehensive program is fully uploaded.



Walter Wallace

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