What is Husky Time?

As you are looking over schedules, you may see “Husky Time” in place of what has been our Sustained Silent Reading Time (SSR).  

Husky Time is an intervention period (period 8) designed to help students who may need additional supports or time.  Chorus and World Language classes may also occur during this period.  Students who are current with their school work and do not require any additional support may use this as the traditional (SSR).  This schedule will occur on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesdays, all students will go their advisor rooms and may use this time for finalizing work for the week, seeing teachers where they may need time or support, or the traditional SSR.   Teachers will let students know if they need to see them for work completion or extra assistance.  Thank you for the your patience as we work through the wrinkles of this new endeavor.  

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