Meet the Team


Mrs. Dorr – Math, advisor

kelly-picWelcome to Birch Island! I am Mrs. Dorr. I enjoy teaching your kids math. Some of you may know me as a teacher from HBS. I have taught third, fourth and fifth grade. I’ve also taught first and second graders how to be better readers. Before coming to Brunswick, I taught language arts to 6th grade students as well.  I’ve enjoyed it all. If I’m not at school, you’ll also find me on the sidelines, along with my husband, attending sporting events for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse for our three children at Brunswick High School. They ALL attend high school. Mackenzie is a freshman, Emma is a sophomore and Joshua is a senior this year.   At the end of the day we are happy to rush home to see our dog, Molly.   She is usually waiting for us, wagging her tail, at the door. Family time is absolutely the best! I am looking forward to hearing some funny family stories from your own children. It’s going to be a terrific year!


Ms. Capobianco – Science, advisor

Hello! My name is Christine Capobianco, but you will likely know me as Ms. Cap! I am thrilled to be joining the Birch Team and dive into the study and investigation of science. This will be my first year at BJH, as I have spent the past four years teaching fourth and fifth grade down the street at HBS. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my past (and now current) students! When I’m not chugging coffee and organizing my classroom, I can be found in my home in South Portland, where I live with my wonderful dog Gracie. Gracie and I try to spend as much as time outdoors as possible, whether its hiking, exploring nearby beaches or gardening. Well, to be fair, only one of us gardens, the other chases squirrels around the yard. I hope to instill my love of the outdoors and hands on projects with my students as we tackle our first year at BJH together!


Mrs. Sullivan – Language Arts, advisor

Version 2Hi Birch Island Families! I’m Carrie Sullivan and this is my fifth year as a Language Arts teacher on Birch Island. I also taught eighth grade at Brunswick Junior High when I first moved to Maine. At that time, my oldest daughter was only one and now she is a tenth grader at BHS — how time flies! Before moving to Maine, I taught sixth grade at Weston Middle School in Massachusetts, but my husband’s job brought us to Maine and we LOVE it here! We have three daughters – Shea is our eleventh grader, Kelsey is a eighth grader and Ellie is a seventh grader. When I’m not in the classroom you’ll  find me at the fields, courts and rinks either coaching or cheering on my girls’ and husband’s teams! Go Huskies, Dragons and PolarBears!



Mr. Kosak – Social Studies, advisor

Hi and welcome to Birch Island! I’m Andrew Kosak and this year I rejoin the Birch Island team as its Social Studies teacher. After teaching in the Talent Development Program for ten years, I am very excited to switch to Social Studies because it’s a great subject: its like a giant mystery or puzzle. You keep asking questions until you think you’ve put together a solution that’s truly convincing. I’m eager to explore the awesome ancient Aztec, Egyptian, Inca, Maya, and Mesopotamian societies with you and to hear your interesting ideas about them. Before I became a schoolteacher I worked as an archaeologist in Egypt and Israel and spent a few years working with artifacts from Mesopotamia and Egypt in Museums in New York City and Michigan. I live in Brunswick with my two daughters, wife and the world’s cutest, but most poorly behaved beagle, Simit. When I’m not at school I enjoy cooking, running and riding my bike. In fact, just about every morning you will see me arrive on my bicycle, even if there’s snow and ice on the ground. I look forward to having a great year with you.


Mr. Stevens – Gifted and Talented, advisor

peteHi! My name is Pete Stevens, and I am one of the Birch Island advisors. Advisory is one of my favorite parts of being a Brunswick Junior High teacher because I learn so much about each person throughout the year. Outside of advisory, I work with students in all three grades through the Talent Development Program. That means that I’m in classes throughout the day working with other teachers to differentiate classwork for students.  One of my trademarks is that I will arrive at BJH every day by bicycle. I don’t have a particularly long ride, but whether it’s pouring rain or fifteen below zero, I’ll be coming by leg power. It can be an invigorating start to the day! When I get home each afternoon, I’m as likely to get right back on my bike to go for a ride with my four year old son as I am to go digging in our garden or trucking off to the beach with him. My wife and I seem to see painfully little of each other with the busyness of parenthood, but she does often get in on the fun, too.


Mrs. McCarthy – Art, advisor


Mrs. Lera – World Languages, advisor

tatiHola, Bonjour! My name is Tatiana Lera and I am a Birch advisor, Birch team leader and world Languages teacher at Brunswick Junior High School. I started at BJHS eleven years ago when my husband and I decided to make Maine our permanent residence after having lived in Italy, Colorado, Florida and Spain. I am originally from Barcelona, Spain and I visit family and friends yearly. Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes! I also like playing with our dogs, Bruna and Lola, as well as reading, cooking and gardening. Now that I am a grandma, I love to spend time with twins Jaxs and Deacon who will be turning three in October. In the picture you can see my husband Jay, stepchildren Ashley and Alec, and I some years ago. At school I teach Spanish and French to your students and also Spanish to seventh and eighth graders. 


Mrs. DeMars – Special Education, advisor My name is Rebecca (Becky) DeMars. I live in Brunswick with my husband and my two sons who go to Brunswick High School. I have taught in a variety of settings, such as an outdoor classroom, an adventure-based program, an inner-city school and a charter school. Prior to working full time at BJHS I was a tutor, working for school systems in Brunswick and Freeport. I was also working as a volunteer for the Coastal Humane Society delivering pet therapy with my dog Cody to elderly people living in nursing homes in our area. When I am not at school, I enjoy going for long walks with my husband and my dog Cody. My family also spends a fair amount of time up at our camp in Winthrop, where life is simpler and quiet. Because there is no Wi-Fi there, our attention is drawn to eagle visits, heron fly-overs, loon calls and hours of fishing. Being outside and spending time simply is something I cherish. I look forward to the school year, helping your child transition to this very important part of their lives!


Mrs. Nein – Guidance Counselor

neinHello Birch Island Families!
I am Catherine Nein, the School Counselor for the Birch Island, Great Diamond Island and Eagle Island teams. This is my fourth year working at Brunswick Junior High School and I am very happy to be part of such a wonderful school and community. Prior to my job at Brunswick I worked for six years at Leavitt Area High School in Turner. Although I enjoyed my time as a high school counselor, I love working with Junior high students! I can provide your child with individual and small group counseling, help with stress management, peer relationships, future aspirations, decision making and conflict resolution. I also go into classrooms and present guidance lessons to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. I recently did a lesson on goal setting with your 6th grade student. Come see the bulletin board we made at the end of the sixth grade hallway!
I currently live in Yarmouth with my husband Dan (seen in this photo). Outside of school I enjoy going to the beach, running, dancing and spending time with family and friends. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you may have.


Mrs. Morin-Literacy Strategist

angieMy name is Angela Morin and I am the Literacy Strategist for 6th grade.  I feel fortunate enough to wear a few different hats here at BJHS. I teach Language Arts classes on both 6th grade teams as well as work with 6th and 7th graders in small groups to support them in reading.  We work on many different skills with short stories as well as novels to become great readers.  I am energetic, happy and grateful for each day. I live in Auburn with my husband, Joe.  We just welcomed our first child, a son named Cooper, last spring.  I have 4 younger siblings who all reside in different parts of the country, so I travel as often as I can to visit them.  I love the outdoors and all the activities Maine has to offer for each of the four seasons. I enjoy running and have completed many 5K’s throughout Central Maine.  I am hoping to finally complete my goal to run a 10K this fall!


Mrs. Belanger-Math Strategist


Hi my name is Robyn Belanger and I am a Math Strategist here at Brunswick Junior High and have been working for the Brunswick School Department for 17 years. I live in Yarmouth with my husband and our two boys, Aaiden and Nolan. We love to go to the beach, play at the park, spend time at my family’s lake house, and travel.  As a Math Strategist I teach math classes for both 6th and 7th grade and hold small group instruction to assist with building strong math skills and helping our students to succeed as learners. I am looking forward to a fabulous school year!




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