Welcome to the BIRCH ISLAND TEAM, committed to our school’s Mission Statement:

 “Our Mission is to provide an educational community where students are safe, engaged, challenged, supported and healthy.”

Teams at BJHS are a group of teachers committed to your child’s wellbeing.

In addition to teaching their specific subject or content area, teachers in teams act as advisors: they meet your child every morning and dismisses them at the end of school. Advisors are your point of contact to all school-related matters.

Note that your child’s advisor might not be a teacher your child has in class. On the same note, not all teachers your child sees are an advisor in our team.  For example, Mr. Stevens is an advisor in our team and he teaches Gifted and Talented students. Since not all our students qualify for his program, most of our students do not see Mr. Stevens as a teacher. Mr. Stevens is, however, an advisor to the Birch team.