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Dear Birch Island Families,

Spring is here and the annual sixth grade science exhibit is coming up! We are spending the next few weeks discussing scientific practices and will be conducting simple experiments to investigate these practices. Students will be posting “burning questions” in our classroom to inspire great ideas for their own scientific investigations.

            Each student is expected to conduct an experiment or a study at home, although many of the components of the project will be started in school. While we appreciate parent involvement and guidance, the responsibility is on that of the student, in order to ensure they are challenging themselves.

            Specific steps and guidelines will be delivered and posted on the Birch Island Website after the April break and as we get closer to the exhibition date. The exhibit is scheduled for Friday, June 1st from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the BJHS cafeteria. I have included a list of possible burning questions to investigate / topic ideas as well as deadlines for the project. Thank you for your guidance and support in this activity! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Christine Capobianco

Ms. Cap

6th Grade Science, Birch Island


Activity Due Date
Title, Question, Hypothesis

Parent Signature

May 3rd, Thursday
Prediction May 4th, Friday
Design Experiment

   (list of materials, procedures, variables)

May 10th, Thursday
Data from Conducted Experiment May 17th, Thursday
Graph, Chart, data collection May 22nd, Tuesday

Discussion of results and answering all 3 reflection questions in paragraph form.

May 24th, Thursday
Final Project to School for Presentations May 28th, Monday


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