Parent Information

Welcome to BHS players!

Dear Parents/Guardians,   

BHS players are dedicated to creating outstanding performances . All students will be held to a high standard of conduct and participation is a privilege.

  • Students and parents are expected to read theChemical Abuse Procedures for Violation of the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol use by Students”, agree to compliance, sign the form, and return them to the advisors prior to participation.  This is a school policy.
  • Students are expected to be at every rehearsal that is scheduled for their character.  Rehearsals generally run from 2:20 to 5:00, Monday thru Friday. 
  • Students and parents are asked to volunteer with the set construction. The task is simply too large and exhausting for a few people to do.  There will be jobs for all ability levels. 
  • Thank you for your support!

Linda Gardiner- Director                               

Carla Selberg – Assistant                                



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