Auditions – Music

Music is now available in Dropbox!

Download the music from the drop box.

Choose a song to sing and send a video to Linda Gardiner   or


Attend the Zoom (link to be sent) on Monday, 18th of January

Here is a list of the songs for you to prepare for auditions. The process will be for you to choose one or two songs, and you will record your self and return it to me by Monday, January 18!

·Act I
1. “List and learn” (Gondoliers, Antonio, Marco),page 15.
2. “From the sunny Spanish shore” (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, and Luiz)
3. The Duke of Paza Toro ( The Duke}
4. “O rapture, when alone together” (Casilda and Luiz)
6. “I stole the prince” (Don Alhambra )
7. “But, bless my heart” (Casilda and Don Alhambra)
9a. “When a merry maiden marries” (Tessa)
10. “Kind sir, you cannot have the heart” (Gianetta) ·
· 12. “Rising early in the morning” (Giuseppe with Chorus)
· 13. “Take a pair of sparkling eyes” (Marco)
· 19. “On the day when I was wedded” (Duchess)
· 20. “To help unhappy commoners” (Duke and Duchess)

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